OAI CSR Annual Report 2022

ANNUAL REPORT 2022 Corporate Responsibility

Our Higher Purpose We help families spend more quality time together!

Goal: Improve the quality of life of our communities at large and of our workforce. We want to help families worry less about basic needs so they might be able to spend more time with their loved ones. KPIs: Improved employee wellbeing and retention, enhanced audience trust and brand loyalty to drive revenue, integration in community conversations about needs and impact.

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OUR STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK Every day, Outdoor Adventures' teams work to help families create memories together. That's why Outdoor Adventures is committed to positively impacting the world around us with socially, ethically and responsible initiatives.

Support stable family foundations in our communities

Inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry

Culture of growth

We support family stability by helping with basic needs, such as food, clothing, financial stability, and shelter, so that families can focus on spending more time together.

We believe everyone should have access to the outdoors regardless of ability, income, etc. We want to provide special outdoor experiences for all.

We are committed to developing our employees by providing training opportunities and a safe, welcoming environment where everyone has the ability to grow and succeed.


Employees collectively gave over $15,000 to 1st United Way employee giving campaign

Company donated over $15,000 to local nonprofits across Michigan

1st year partnering with Camp Fish Tales to support their efforts

Donated 3-day, 2-night stays in rental units to 12 different nonprofit organizations

Launched "Continuous Improvement Committee (CIC)" Program

Deployed "Volunteer Time Off (VTO)" for all employees

$15,027.04 FUNDS DONATED

Other 9.3%

Family-Clothing 1.1%

Community Support 13%

Family 34.9%

Family: $5,250 Inclusion in Outdoors: $4,000 Community Support: $1,950 Family-Food: $1,750 Other: $1,400 Family-Shelter: $525 Family-Clothing: $152.04

Inclusion in Outdoors 26.6%

Family-Food 11.6%

Family-Shelter 3.5%




Strategically involve staff in various programs, committees & boards Every employee has 4 hours of VTO available to volunteer anywhere they choose Cross-departmental group who meets monthly to determine strategy & direction

Community Impact Committee

85 hours of time donated by 24 employees United Way Day of Caring and Chamber Mad City Money drew most participation Designed formal application and review process for all sponsorship/donation requests 7 leadership team members got involved in 11 new programs, committees or boards that OAI was not previously involved in

Volunteer Time Off ("VTO")

Community Affiliations


family support

First 12 months our committee has been guided by a higher purpose statement and actionable corporate responsibility plan. Over 50% of donations directly impacted families in Michigan. 95% of donations were to organizations in Bay City and 100% of donations were to organizations in Michigan. Increased number of employees giving and total donations pledged for 2023 United Way employee giving campaign. Put together a food and household item drive for Gaylord, MI after tornado devasted the city in May; Also opened resorts to all Gaylord residents to take a break and enjoy our facilities.


Almost 27% of total donations directly impacted inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry. First year we supported Camp Fish Tales through donations and volunteerism. Camp Fish Tales was able to increase its campers by over 100 with their total number of campers being 341. Leadership staff attended Camp Fish Tales' annual fish races fundraiser; Staff also helped volunteer for their annual Halloween events.


On a scale of 1-10, we increased employee score year over year by 0.1 for how proud they are to work for Outdoor Adventures. Implemented the company's first-ever Paid Parental Leave benefit for all full-time, regular employees. The Continuous Improvement Committee (CIC) launched this year with 2 cohorts, one in the spring and one in the fall. CIC produced a total of 21 graduates from 11 different departments/locations. 91% of the graduates are still employed with Outdoor Adventures and 3 employees received promotions after graduating from the program. Provided training to all staff through learning management system on diversity, equity and inclusion. Embedded messaging and training with company core values and celebrate employees who exemplify these values.

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