Relay for Life invades Maxville

6 and June 7, Maxville was invaded by courageous people. From all throughout Prescott-Russell and SD&G, thousands flocked to the Maxville fairgrounds for the annual Relay for Life. As fate would have it, sunshine was part of the great event

as well, filling the cloudless sky with its rays. Before even beginning the Relay, $100,000 had already been garnered. “We don’t know exactly how much has been amassed so far, because we still have to organize the Relay for Life in Ingleside,”

said Sylvie Guénette, of the local branch of the Canadian Cancer Society , following a speech to local cancer survivors. “But we’ve had great sponsors so far such as McEwen, Jordan Coleman and team, as well as many others.” The event started off with a marching band, closely followed by several cancer survivors who crossed the finish line amidst cheers from the crowd. Prior to the event, McEwen had already raised a whopping $150,000 for the cause. In all, over 100 teams had been formed and all included an average of ten members. Several of these said teams spawned from across the region such as the Caped Cure- Saders, who came from Vankleek Hill, as well as The Tornados, coming from Saint-Al- bert. The Boobielicious came from Saint-Isi- dore and rallied around one of their mem- bers, Louise Berner-Levac. Berner-Levac, a breast cancer survivor, made sure to make her team wear a lot of pink. “I finished my last treatment two weeks ago,” said the woman. “That’s why we’re all wearing pink here!” TheWattie Clan, on the other hand, opted for a more lively presentation, displaying their mastery of square dancing. This year’s Relay marked the 14th edition hosted in Maxville. “Next year will mark the 15 th edition,” said an obviously excited Gué- nette. “We’ll be sure to do something extra special.” In 2013, the teams had helped raise more than $320,000 for cancer research.


MAXVILLE | From 7pm to 7am on June

The Saint-Albert Tornadoes

Les élèves contre le cancer

Photo Paulo Casimiro

L’école secondaire Béatrice-Desloges d’Orléans a également tenu son activité Relais pour la vie le 9 mai dernier. Une soixantaine d’élèves, parents et amis ont répondu à l’invitation pour cette deuxième édition. En raison du temps froid, l’activité s’est transportée à l’intérieur, mais cela n’a pas diminué l’enthousiasme des participants. Le comité organisateur a remis un montant de 2426$ à la Société canadienne du cancer.

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