The Temple Of The Millennium

OUR INVITATION TO YOU “If the devotee offers something to the Lord, it acts for his own interest because whatever a devotee offers the Lord comes back in a quantity a million times greater than what was offered. One does not become a loser by giving to the Lord; one becomes a gainer by millions of times.” - Srila Prabhupada “He who has built a temple for Vishnu reaps the great fruit which one gains by celebrating sacrifices every day. By building a temple for the Lord he takes his family, a hundred generations past and a hundred to come, to the region of Acyuta.” - Agni Purana

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to make history and also make the world a better place to live are rare and should be taken advantage of immediately. Major construction on the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium is complete and detailed finishing work continues as we head rapidly towards the Grand Opening in 202  . We invite you to become a part of this life and world-changing project by contributing to the completion of the construction. Your help will not only bene fi t this cause but will bring you and your family unimaginable spiritual and material bene fi ts. Generations of visiting pilgrims for thousands of years to come will be upli ft ed by this temple, and you will share in their spiritual progress because you helped provide them the opportunity.

Please accept our personal invitation to help the MISSION 2  MARATHON to complete the TOVP by 202  . There are many donation options to choose from according to your means and they are payable in installments or at one time. Visit the TOVP website today and make your pledge to be a part of history in themaking. Ambarisa das - Chairman Brajavilasa das  - D irector of Development +91-9635990391 India - U.S. - (386)-462-9000 Canada - (888)-412-7088 UK/Europe - +44-1923-856-173 Russia - All other - | tovp.mayapur tovpinfo

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