be utilized. Our consumption of fuels is hard to process, and most likely, it will not decrease in the future, so the solutions should be equally addressed with dedication and humility. But probably dedication first and foremost, which is precisely the purpose of our collaboration across private and public partners in the Triangle Area, says Søren Schmidt Thomsen. The Refinery, technical expertise, existing pipeline infrastruc- tures, harbor facilities, an airport and investment-willing airline and energy trading companies, valuable sources of carbon di- oxide, and decades of surplus heat utilization traditions are all interconnected in the middle of Denmark. Ideal terms for the realistic pursuit of a viable fossil alternative to suit aviation and maritime market demands for sustainable e-fuels. “Businesses, municipal partners, and educational institutions in the Triangle Area of Denmark have agreed to develop elec- trolysis and hydrogen production technologies and facilities. Sustainable gas products and liquid fuels. Capture and use Triangle Energy Alliance is an ambitious collaboration centered in the heart of Denmark, the Triangle Area. Energy facility operators, specialists, and seven visionary municipalities seek to pave the way for sustainable e-fu- els based on Power-to-X technologies. The Triangle Area is defined by the ultimate production, distribution, trans- portation, and energy infrastructure, which is a golden opportunity to lead the transformation to sustainable fu- els based on wind and solar power.

of carbon from sustainable sources such as biogas, power and heat production based on biomass, and biodegrada- ble waste fractions. Distribution of sustainable fuels for avia- tion, shipping, and road cargo through Denmark’s transport and logistical center, the Triangle Area“, says Søren Schmidt Thomsen.

Sector integration and proactive sustainable transitions

Power-to-X is highly valued and prioritized in the Danish Climate Agreement of 2020 and municipal climate action strategies. The European Union is working toward sector inte- gration initiatives, which pinpoint the significance of current hydrogen production in the Triangle Area. The technology is already available but needs a large scale to mature the po- tential market.

“The green energy and sustainable fuel market need a jolt. Our partnership is based on the common vision that the Triangle

20 MW Hydrogen plant in production 2022

Operational hours per year: 5000

Hydrogen: 3.880 Nm3/h (ca. 350 kg/h)

Surplus heat - Direct: 10.000 MWh per year.

Surplus heat – Heatpump: 18.000 MWh per year.

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