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The main objective we aim for is cost-effective technical solu- tions, including low-temperature waste-heat issues. Also, ex- penses for upgrading existing infrastructures, such as heat transmission and heat storage, must be identified and com- municated to stakeholders, and costs must be reasonable and attractive for investors. COWI constantly works on bringing the integrated district heating concept to the top of the agenda. For example, togeth- er with the Danish think tank Grøn Energi and district heating supplier TVIS, we have prepared the study “Power-to-X and District Heating” for Dansk Fjernvarme. This study shows how this concept contributes to improved finances, higher energy efficiency, and security to increase the power-to-X deployment speed in Denmark. With soaring energy prices and climate crisis, we should aim to recover waste energy as much as possible and encourage everyone, including the authorities, investors, and even end us- ers, to join this movement.

simultaneously reduce alternative cooling process costs if inte- grated from the beginning.

As with all other waste heat integration in District heating net- works, the realization and profitability of the recovery will, by the end of the day, come down to the temperatures and the demand in the network as well the alternative heat supply op- tions already in place. More cost-efficient hydrogen plants will also lead to cheaper production of carbon-neutral fuels and the establishment of more Power-to-X plants. Undoubtedly, ensuring sufficient car- bon-neutral fuels and providing efficient district heating solu- tions will contribute to better integration across sectors such as power generation, transportation, agriculture, etc. All these elements are essential for the more sustainable and cost-effi- cient energy solutions we imagine for the future. Besides energy-efficient solutions such as district heating, Denmark is also known for progressive technologies such as wind and solar power generation. We aim to bring them all together and create an energy-efficient masterpiece to inspire the entire world. The way forward COWI has worked on several design studies, reviews, and devel- opment projects. However, there are still many challenges ahead.

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