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Meet Thuy Dinh! The Newest Addition to the OPTM Saratoga Family SUCCESS STORIES

At OPTM Saratoga, we have the unique opportunity to truly change lives with the treatment we provide. As we guide patients through the physical therapy process, we get to witness their weekly progress firsthand. Each session brings a new and tangible outcome, whether it’s increased

“I tore my left Achilles while playing tennis; instantly, I could not run or walk without pain. My doctor recommended physical therapy, and I started seeing Jamie at the end of December. She was very personable, and I liked her

comfort, improved mobility, or decreased pain. It’s the privilege of being part of our patients’ steady journeys toward overall health that makes being a physical therapist worthwhile. For Thuy Dinh, the newest physical therapist to join the OPTM Saratoga team, the gradual — but very real — impact she has on her patients’ health keeps her coming into the clinic each day. “It’s amazing to watch people get better and progress each day they come in for rehab,” she says. Thuy takes pride in steering her patients toward whatever goals they may have for treatment. For years, Thuy contemplated a career as an orthopedic surgeon, hoping to assist clients at the most basic level and provide positive changes that would cascade to every aspect of their lives. But when she stumbled across a physical therapy clinic during her pre-med undergraduate studies, she immediately gained an appreciation for the process. “As soon as I could, I volunteered at a clinic,” she says. “I just loved what they did there, the way they were able to regularly interact and connect with their patients.” Within a few months, she began working toward becoming a full- fledged physical therapist. Though she only started at OPTM Saratoga in January, she’s already an instrumental part of the clinic. “Everybody I work with is super nice and supportive,” she says. “Everyone has their own avenue of expertise and is eager to teach newcomers. I feel very blessed and grateful to be a part of it all.” Outside of the clinic, Thuy likes reading self-improvement and adventure books, going on long hikes in the hills, working out, or simply relaxing with her friends. She’s an incredibly compassionate, kind, and skilled physical therapist with a lifelong passion for learning new things. And with her birthday coming up on May 10, you can bet we’re going to make sure she knows how appreciated she is around our clinic!

immediately. Her expertise with this injury made me realize that I needed to take it slow; we eventually worked on stretches, strengthening, and flexibility. I am happy to report that after only three months and at age 66, I am back on the courts and golf course stronger than ever. And the best thing? No pain! Thank you, Jamie, for helping me return to the sports I love.”

–Marlene Hurrell

“I attended Fabrice’s workshop on balance at the Saratoga Senior Center, and we both agreed that I needed quite a bit of work! I know now that this was due to Parkinson’s disease. Fabrice’s analysis zeroed in on balance and

strength. He designed a program for me to use, both with his supervision and at home. In time, I noticed a huge amount of improvement in walking speed, pace, and balance, eventually leaving my cane behind. I’m glad these are exercises I can do during daily activities. All in all, these sessions have gone a long way in making me feel like a normal person, and I intend to keep them up.”

–Marge Rice

“I had bad shoulder mobility prior to coming in. The staff at OPTM Saratoga, especially Ben, was awesome and very resourceful in tackling the problem head-on. With OPTM Saratoga, it was a matter of working smarter to improve

the situation. The staff here is extremely positive and made the recovery process more encouraging. With OPTM Saratoga, I have greatly improved my posture and my shoulder mobility, and they have also given me the tools to continue to progress on my own.”

–Derek Sun

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