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Nothings says summer like cold ice cream, that inevitable sunburn, and the terrifying spike in your electric bill. As the temperature goes up outside, the thermostat goes down inside. Staying comfortable in your own home shouldn’t mean throwing your money on the fire. Here are a few things you can do around the house to enjoy the air conditioning and spare your wallet at the same time. Watch Those Windows Ensure your windows are completely sealed. Use caulk or weatherstripping to eliminate any air leaks to keep cool air in and hot air out. This will also help keep your house warm come winter.

“I have neuropathy in my feet and was in so much pain I could not sleep and had a difficult time working. I tried medication and acupuncture, which only helped a little with the pain. My treatments at Milwaukee Food & Ankle Specialists have left me pain-free between treatments.”

–Patricia D. (July 24, 2015)

“It was easy to make a convenient appointment. When I arrived, I was greeted in a very friendly manner. My visit proceeded promptly, and I was very satisfied with all that was done. I highly recommend these specialists to anyone!” –Timothy W. (Feb. 10, 2017) “I have enjoyed coming to your office. I was recently fitted for an orthotic insert, and everyone I have met has been friendly, informative, and helpful.”

Use blinds, drapes, or other coverings to block your windows and keep out hot sunlight.

If the weather permits, give your thermostat a break in the evenings by opening a few windows and letting the night air keep your house cooler while you sleep.

Factor In the Fans According to, when the ceiling fan is on, you can raise the thermostat by 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort.

Remember the fans in your bathroom, too. Switching those on after a hot shower removes the heat and humidity before it can escape into the rest of your house.

Attend to Your Appliances Keep unnecessary lights turned off. estimates only 10 to 15 percent of electricity consumed by incandescent lightbulbs becomes light. The rest is converted into heat.

–Karen K. (May 13, 2014)

Avoid using the oven on hot days. Stick with the stovetop, microwave, or outdoor grill to keep from adding more heat to your house.

Use the cold water setting on your washing machine when cleaning your clothes and line dry them if possible. The Consumer Energy Center calculates doing so can cut your energy bill by 4 percent. Someone is bound to get sunburned this summer. Using sunscreen can help prevent that, just like following these tips can help you avoid getting burned by your electric bill.


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