April 2018

Alizé Welcome to the new style of AZZA STUDIO KITS! The Studio has had a total re-make and is now more ready for you to create amazing pages. As well as the layout stencils or layout/tools stencils you willl receive pages in the latest colours, papers to match and an A4 sketches sheet to create stunning decorations in a fraction of the time. The work is done for you! Just add photos!

ALI 1515 Kit Azza Studio ‘Alizé’ AU$59.00 - NZ$70.80

2 | April 2018 Catalogue

April 2018

GAB 737 Layout/Tool stencils ‘ Alizé ’ (30x30 cm) • AU$29.50 - NZ$35.40


Coordinate all your colours - pages, inks and papers

ENC 199 Giant Ink Pad ‘Blue Jeans’ AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90

ENC 198 Giant Ink Pad ‘Frost Blue’ • AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90

PAP 2010 Printed Plain Paper ‘Blue Jeans’ (A4 - 170 gr. double-sided, sold per sheet) AU$1.20 - NZ$1.44

PAP 0038 Essential Printed Papers ‘Essential Blue Jeans’ (A4 - 4x2 pages - Double-sided - 90 gm) AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90

4 | April 2018 Catalogue

April 2018



ALB 7500 Reportage Page 30x30 ‘Frost Blue’ AU$35.00 - NZ$42.00

ALB 7501 Reportage Page 30x30 ‘Blue Jeans’ AU$35.00 - NZ$42.00

x 5

x 5

ALB 845 Reportage Page 30x60 ‘Blue Jeans’ AU$23.00 - NZ$27.60

ALB 844 Reportage Page 30x60 ‘Frost Blue’ AU$23.00 - NZ$27.60


GAB 1307 Texture stencil duo ‘Alizé’ (15x10.5 cm) • AU$16.50 - NZ$19.80

TAM 3030 Ruby Stamp set ‘Alizé’ (8x10 cm) • AU$13.50 - NZ$16.20

6 | April 2018 Catalogue

April 2018


April 2018


I_TAM 2014 Ruby Stamp Set ‘At the Circus’ (8x10 cm) AU$13.50 - NZ$16.20

I_TAM 2015 Ruby Stamp Set ‘Circus Animals’ (8x10 cm) AU$13.50 - NZ$16.20

I_GAB 822 Card stencil

‘Big Top’ (15x15 cm) AU$7.50 - NZ$9.00

The stencil is designed for cards but can be used on a 30x30 page. The stamps can be used anywhere! Unique!

8 | APRIL 2018 Catalogue

April 2018

Alizé Gallery Samples of work to inspire you!

Nadine Gilbert

Vanessa Brockart

Luce Pujole

Valerie Rots

Denise Vialat

Denise Vialat


NEW CATALOGUE ! 2018 catalogue released!

The 2018 CATALOGUE is now available on our website View it online as a flipping book or download it onto your tablet or computer to have handy for browsing. This catalogue will be updated at approximately 3-monthly intervals so that it remains up to date. Monthly Catalogues will still be added to the website to let you know what is new, then incorporated into the main catalogue when it is up-dated.


10 | April 2018 Catalogue

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