WINSON: SECURING MACAU’S CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE G rowing up in Aberdeen, Macau- born Vinni Leong became acquainted with Scotland’s

whiskey and happy hour culture. Upon returning to the SAR at the age of 24, he aimed to bring the same vibe to the city and opened a bar in Fai Chi Kei, which he still operates. "You can find a bit of everything—whiskey, wine, beer, snacks, and that laid-back happy hour feel." During the pandemic, he expanded his reach to the mainland by opening a shop in Zhuhai and now sets his sights on Guangzhou and Hengqin. Meanwhile, his group is gearing up to launch a second bar at Broadway Macau in the second quarter of 2024. Vinni Leong emphasises the optimistic prospects in Hengqin, pointing to the Macau New Neighbourhood and the increasing number of residents moving there. "I believe it's the right time

to invest there." His company, Winson Group, of which Vinni Leong is the CEO, already has a presence in Hengqin as part of their IT business operations. Technology and cybersecurity have become integral components of the group’s business activities, alongside F&B and initial investments and operations related to real estate, priority management, and cleaning and security services. Looking ahead, Vinni Leong expresses confidence in the city’s business prospects. “I see a rapid recovery in Macau. Looking forward to 2024, I anticipate Macau playing a more significant role in attracting not only foreign tourists but also investments and partnerships,” he remarks.


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