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As the nation’s largest nonprofit focused on ending impaired driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® ( MADD ® ) is working to prevent the tragedies caused by drunk and drugged driving. For over 40 years, we have served nearly one million victims and have saved more than 400,000 lives. Today we continue to advocate for stronger laws, educate on the dangers of underage drinking and drug use, support our heroes in law enforcement and advocate for technology. In 2019, the year was instrumental for MADD as we began to “Redefine our Future.” Through defining a clear vision and building the foundation for a modern, stronger, and more united MADD, we began to build the path for an innovative future. With the help of our dedicated staff, volunteers, partners, and members, 2019 was a year of accomplishments, advocacy, and remembrance. Highlights include: Through our Victim Service programs we provided a service every three minutes serving 15,338 through direct services with a total of 13,430 services provided. MADD educated 166,274 offenders. MADD reached over one million youth through the Power of You(th) ® program through the distribution of its Power of You(th) ® teen booklet distribution and teen presentations across the nation. Our first national Saturation Saturday launched in August. Volunteers and staff teamed up with 262 law enforcement departments in 18 states at sobriety checkpoints, roll call briefings and other crackdown events to highlight the effectiveness of high-visibility law enforcement in catching and deterring drunk and drugged driving. Advocacy efforts led to the passage of two new ignition interlock laws in Kentucky and New Jersey, bringing the total to 34 states and D.C. with all- offender ignition interlock laws. While these are just a few highlights in 2019, the Annual Report will provide more detail about the impact donors, sponsors, and you have on our mission. Together we are saving lives and serving those who need us most while creating a nation of No More Victims ®.

• •

Adam Vanek Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Helen Witty National President (2019-2020)

Christopher Mann Board Member

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4 Redefining Leadership


Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 5


As MADD continues to be at the forefront of creating a nation of No More Victims ® , an innovative and visionary leadership team was formed. In February, Adam Vanek was named National Chief Executive Officer. Vanek previously served for six years as MADD’s General Counsel. In his new role as CEO, he continues to play a significant role in strengthening MADD’s public image and influence, helping further MADD’s mission through legal advocacy, jurisprudence and serving as legal expert in drunk driving and traffic safety.

6 Redefining Leadership-Executive Team


BRIM BASOM Chief Information Officer


Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

National Chief Executive Officer



DJ MERINO General Counsel

Vice President of Talent and Culture

Vice President Field Operations


Chief Financial Officer

Chief Government Affairs Officer

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Helen Witty with Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

Adam Vanek with the Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders.

National President Helen Witty and NTSB Board Member Jennifer Homendy.

Helen Witty and National BoardMember Joe Sikes and former MADD National President Jan Withers.

MADD CEO Adam Vanek rings the bell at the New York Stock

8 Redefining Leadership-Leadership In Action


Helen Witty and Representative Peter DeFazio.

MADD Georgia Executive Director Denise Blake, Adam Vanek, Helen Witty, former MADD President Glynn Birch and Kali Robinson at the Walk Like MADD in Atlanta.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey and Helen Witty.

Helen Witty with Michigan Representative Hammoud.

Helen Witty and Senator Rick Scott.

Helen Witty at the LIII Super Bowl.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 9

2019 Lifesavers Conference Welcome sign.

Lifesavers Conference

The Lifesavers Conference is the largest gathering of highway safety professionals in the United States. MADD National President Helen Witty led a Victim Impact Panel at the annual Lifesavers Conference (March 31-April 2) in Louisville, Kentucky.


10 Redefining Our Mission-Programs And Events

Helen Witty presenting on the national “weed holiday” or 4/20.

MADD launched a national campaign on April 18 to highlight the risks of driving while impaired by marijuana on “Weed Day” or “4/20.” At a press conference in Denver, MADD was joined by law enforcement along with Ed and Denise Hill, whose daughter Amanda was killed by a marijuana-impaired driver. 4/20

MADD Colorado volunteers Ed and Denise Hill.

Ed Hill holding a photo of his daughter, Amanda Hill.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 11

Saturation Saturday Launches

MADD’s first national Saturation Saturday campaign was held on August 24. MADD volunteers and staff teamed up with 262 law enforcement departments in 18 states at sobriety checkpoints, roll calls and other crackdown events to highlight the effectiveness of high-visibility law enforcement in catching and deterring drunk and drugged driving. Volunteers who had lost a loved one or were injured by these crimes shared their inspiring stories and thanked officers for the work they do every day to keep our roads safe.

Officers at Saturation Saturday.

Officers from the Irving Police Department with MADD Program Specialist, Emma Duggas.

Jefferson County in support of Saturation Saturday.





12 Redefining Our Mission-Programs And Events

In October, MADD hosted an interactive exhibit at the 2019 IACP International Conference in Chicago, IL. MADD’s Law Enforcement Initiatives Manager, Ron Replogle, was on hand along with MADD Illinois Executive Director John Walker and team. MADD CEO, Adam Vanek was also present. As a result of the exhibit MADD was able to make meaningful connections with law enforcement from not only across the United States, but the world. Special thank you to 3M Corporation for their exhibit partnership. International Chiefs Of Police Conference in Chicago, IL

MADD exhibits at the International Chief’s Of Police Conference in Chicago, IL.

MADD’s exhibit stand at the International Chiefs Of Police Conference in Chicago, IL .

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 13

In a groundbreaking event, past MADD National Presidents and current National President Helen Witty met with Acting NHTSA Administrator James Owens on December 9 to urge the federal agency to make eliminating drunk driving a national priority. MADD Presidents At NHTSA

Jan Withers, Millie Webb, MADD CEO Adam Vanek, Glynn Birch, National President Helen Witty, Board Chair Chris Mann, Wendy Hamilton, Karolyn Nunnallee, Stepahnie Manning, and Board member Joe Sikes urged NHTSA Administrator James Owens (middle) to make ending drunk and drugged driving a national priority.

National President Helen Witty, former MADD presidents Jan Withers, Wendy Hamilton, Glynn Birch, Millie Webb, Micky Sadoff, Karolyn Nunnallee, volunteer Brenda Altman, and former MADD president Katherine Prescott meet in D.C. in December. REDEFINING OUR

14 Redefining Our Mission-Programs And Events

In the fall of 2018, MADD launched an Online Victim Impact Panel in 13 pilot states (Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin). The Online Victim Impact Panel helps to remove the obstacles presented to panel attendees and ensures MADD’s lifesaving message reaches these individuals regardless of geographic location. In 2019, the Online VIP launched in all remaining states with the exception of CA, AR, CO, TX and CT (due to local laws and regulations limiting online). MADD believes that in-person panels provide Online Victim Impact Panels Expanded

the best educational opportunity and experience, but also understands the need to reach panel attendees in states and territories where in person services are not feasible at this time.

Has Online Victim Impact Panels


Has not implemented Online Victim Impact Panels

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 15


The MADD Law Enforcement Committee focuses on soliciting information from key law enforcement officials across the country to provide ongoing input to the National Board of Directors to enhance traffic enforcement as it relates to drunk and drugged driving. The committee also ensures that the National Board of Directors are knowledgeable and well informed on the challenges facing law enforcement, and provides recommendations on how best to support law enforcement in enforcing impaired driving. MADD Launches The National Law Enforcement Committee

Number Of Sobriety Checkpoints

Number Of Roll Call Briefings

Number Of LER Events

Number Of Officers Recognized

Number Of LER Attendees

16 Redefining Our Mission-Law Enforcement Recognition

The annual Law Enforcement Dinners recognize law enforcement officials, government agencies and community advocates fromthroughout thestate. These individuals have gone beyond the call of duty to combat drunk driving, educate the public on the effects of this violent crime and have done their part in maintaining safer roadways and communities. Law Enforcement Dinners

Georgia Law Enforcement Dinner awards.

Tennessee Law Enforcement Dinner.

Sacremento, California Law Enforcement Dinner

Tarrant County, Texas Law Enforcement Dinner.

Georgia Law Enforcement Dinner.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 17


Golf Like MADD Event with MADD New York.

MADD Hawaii.

18 Redefining Our Mission-MADD In The Community


19th Annual MADD Florida statewide law enforcement recognition and training.

MADD New Mexico.

MADD South Carolina group zero at Walk Like Madd.

MADD Florida information booth.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 19

MADD’S IMPACT over the years

Percent Reduction in Drunk Driving Deaths

Lives Saved

Victims Served

20 Redefining Our Mission-MADD’s Impact

52 min

2 out of 3 people will be impacted by drunk driving in their lifetime.

Every day 28 people are killed in drunk driving crashes or every 52 minutes someone is killed. •

In 2019, 10,142 people were killed in drunk driving crashes. Fatalities decreased by 5.3% , compared to 10,710 fatalities in 2018. Drunk driving deaths in 2019 represented 28% of all traffic fatalities (36,096).

Every day 805 people are injured or every two minutes someone is injured in drunk driving crash. In 2019, more than 290,000 people were injured.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 21



Members & Supporters

Media Impressions

Offenders Educated

22 Redefining Our Mission-Annual Reach

Social Engagement

Website Visits


Victim Services/Victims Served MADD served more than 15,000 victims and survivors of substance impaired driving across the nation. Parent Or Teen Educated A parent or teen is educated on underage drinking every 2 minutes.

Ignition Interlock Stops There were more than 3 million attempts to drive drunk at .08 BAC or above that were prevented by ignition interlocks (as reported fromDecember 1, 2006 toDecember 1, 2019).

Power Of Youth ® 1 million youth reached through the Power Of Youth ® program.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 23

JOHN MICHAEL PATRICK I was supposed to die first. Not John Michael, my smart, gregarious older brother who was beloved by everybody. By Prisca Patrick

It happened so fast. That is what every drunk driving crash has in common. For the victims, it comes out of nowhere. It is sudden. It is violent. There is no time to prepare for it. It changes everything in an instant, forever.Every drunk driving crash impacts not just the person injured or killed but all those left behind. My brother and mom were both set to graduate that May from the same college. While John Michael wasn’t given that chance, my mom managed to finish out the semester. When she got her diploma, the school surprised her with my brother’s diploma as well. My mom became an advocate and volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® in Mississippi and lobbied at the state capitol in Jackson for an ignition interlock law. She met with state senators and representatives in support of requiring all convicted drunk drivers to use these small, in-car breathalyzer devices,whichrequireasoberbreathsample before the vehicle will start. She still leads the Victim Impact Panels in the Jackson area and has been working with MADD on new legislative initiatives to prevent drunk driving. When I got my first new car, my parents gave me a MADD bumper sticker, and when I moved to Dallas in 2016, I joined MADD North Texas. MADD helped me access free counseling services, which I realized I needed even though time had passed since John Michael’s death. It was rough. But it was great. I’m thankful for MADD for giving me an avenue to share my story, to help others and help me heal. I got more involved with youth and young adults, talking to school-age

I was only 15 months old when doctors diagnosed me with Stage IV brain cancer. The largest tumor stuck to the back of my head the sizeof agolf ball; smaller ones had wrapped themselves around my spine. If I survived surgery, doctors told my parents— and that was unlikely—I would have an IQ no higher than 70. The prognosis was so grim my mom even picked out my funeral dress. Miraculously, I proved them wrong. Three years separated John Michael and me, and we grew up competing with each other in just about everything. Despite the rivalry, John Michael encouraged me when others might have accepted certain limitations in the girl who survived a brain tumor. At one point, I wanted to try out for cheerleading. He told me I could do it. He told me I could do anything, if I just tried it a certain way. He pushed me, even as he protected me. JohnMichael and I were sodifferent.When I say everybody loved John Michael, that is not an exaggeration. In high school, he was the first African American to win the Beauty and Beau contest. He got along with everybody, no matter who they were. He was also very smart and attended our local community college but planned on attending Ole Miss after completing his degree locally. The way I see it now, that decision gave our family more time with him. On March 9, 2007, a repeat drunk driver ran a stoplight, killing John Patrick and his girlfriend, Rosalyn Coleman. He was 19. She was 18.

24 Redefining Our Mission-Victim Stories

It happened so fast. Prisca Patrick with brother, John Michael Patrick.

groups about drunk driving because I was a child when I experienced this tragedy. Although I have learned to cope and things get easier, it doesn’t go away. It’s not one of those situations where I forget or stop feeling his absence, especially during milestone events, like my recent marriage. And I know John Michael’s legacy lives on. For his senior yearbook, he chose this quote: “Everybody has a goal, but those who will succeed have a purpose.” I live by this quote. If I can convince just

one person not to drink and drive, then I have succeeded with purpose. One person at a time, it will happen. We will accomplish our purpose.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 25

Tabitha Clark after the crash and photographer Randy Bacon captured her photo for his 7 Billion Ones project.

Tabitha, Yvonne, Telisha Stanfield, Tabitha’s aunt, and Tabitha’s service dog-in-training, Bear at the Walk Like Madd ® event in Springfield, MO.

26 Redefining Our Mission-Victim Stories

TABITHA CLARK My daughter Tabitha was a very active, healthy, outdoorsy type of person. She loved hunting and fishing. She was the top female junior bowler in our areawith her highest score being a 300. Tabitha graduated high school in 2015, ready to start her freshman year in college. She wanted to be a veterinarian. She loved animals and also loved taking care of babies and toddlers. Tabitha had her Certified Nursing Assistant license and was traveling to people’s houses to take care of them. She was a very caring and giving person.

By Yvonne Clark

the right side and has limited use of her right hand. She sees double and is having more problems seeing distance as well. Tabitha has had 3 surgeries on her throat and is now able tovocalizewithus –althoughnot always understandablebut it is ahuge improvement over no sounds coming out. She still has swallowing issues and is a silent aspiration so she still has and probably always will have a feeding tube. Tabitha’s offender was sentenced to 5 years in jail – of which he served only 34 months and is already out on probation. To this day, her offender has never apologized for his actions. He states, “Ya, I did it!” Two years ago, I purchased a handicap accessible house to help give Tabithamore freedom and be able to move around in her chair more independently. The biggest change however is that Tabitha has a Service-Dog-in-Training named Bear. He is a full-blooded black lab. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old and have been involved with raising him and training him along with a professional Service Dog trainer. Bear already helps Tabitha in many ways but our main goal is that Bear will help Tabitha to be able to walk. Through all of this, Tabitha remains pretty positive. Yes, we have thegoodandbaddays still but that’s life for us now. Life drastically changed that day 5 years ago and it will always be a challenge for Tabitha (andmyself as well as I am her fulltime caregiver). We still live by the motto – ONE DAY AT A TIME and IF IT’S OUT OF OUR CONTROL, LET IT GO. Tabitha and I pray people don’t drink and drive! NO MORE VICTIMS ® !! Tabitha and I pray people don’t drink and drive! NO MORE VICTIMS ® !!

That all changed the morning of December 5, 2015. Tabitha was coming home from bowling with her boyfriend and another friend, around 1:45 a.m. A drunk driver ran a red light and t-boned her car. Tabitha was in the passenger seat and took the full force of the impact. She never saw it coming. The doctor at the hospital told us she required immediate surgery. She ruptured her bladder and spleen, broke her right clavicle, three right ribs and her pelvis in four areas. “That’s not theworst of it,” said the doctor. “She also sustained a basal line skull fractureand therewas evidenceof damage to the part of the brain that will allow her to wake up. She has significant brain damage throughout her brain, but primarily on the left.” I remember asking, “What’s her chance for survival?” His response, “She’ll live, she may just not have a life.” Fast forward a bit… we spent 19 days in ICU and then about four months in a rehabilitation hospital. Now just after the 5 year mark - Tabitha can now sit up by herself, she can stand unassisted for about a minute and has started walking with the help of a hemi-walker by herself. Her first unassisted steps happened in July of 2020. Yes, this momcried. Medically, Tabitha has more issues all due to her traumatic brain injury. She now has stage two liver damage, osteopenia (which means her bones are thinning), Vitamin D deficiency, just to name a few of the major ones. She still has high tone on

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 27


Technology will help us reach our ultimate goal of eliminating drunk and drugged driving. Since MADD has launched our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving ® , supporting the development of advanced vehicle technology has been a top priority. MADD is pushing for a federal rulemaking that will lead to a requirement that all vehicles are equipped with advanced drunk driving prevention technology that will prevent someone from driving if they are drunk or impaired. Legislation to achieve this goal was introduced by Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Senators Tom Udall and Rick Scott in 2019, Drunk Driving Prevention & Autonomous Technologies

with commitments to see this legislation pass in the near future. With the knowledge that 94% of traffic crashes are caused by human error, MADD has invested in partnerships with companies involved in autonomous technology, including Waymo, Velodyne Lidar, Cruise and Uber. Technological advances are rapidly changing the traffic safety landscape and will drive us toward a nation of No More Victims ®.

28 Redefining Technology-Autonomous Technologies

Helen Witty with Representative Debbie Dingell.

Adam Vanek, Helen Witty, Natasha Thomas, Regional Executive Director for Northern California and Jason Frazier, Executive Director of MADD Arizona in front of a WAYMO autonomous vehicle.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 29

Board Member Heather Geronmous, Brent Levison, with OnPoint, MADD CEO Adam Vanek, MADD Director of Field Operations Dave Pinsker, Ramiro Baluga, with OnPoint.

DMV.com What started off as a small cause related marketing opportunity expanded into something much larger than anyone could have anticipated. With the help of thousands of individuals who donated to MADD through the Department of Motor Vehicles website, DMV.com, OnPoint Global was able to present a check for over $500,000. MADD thanks OnPoint Global for their partnership and continued support.

30 Redefining Collaborations

NFL Partnership

MADD and the National Football League joined forces in 2010 and continue to collaborate on player and employee programs, game day initiatives, community relations andawareness programs topromote MADD’s efforts to prevent drunk driving. MADD and the NFL remind fans to “play the Most Valuable Position in the NFL: the designated driver.” MADD volunteers attend select NFL football games and encourage fans to plan ahead and designate a non- drinking driver. Over the past nine years, this partnership has led to over 2.2 million fans signing up to be a designated driver.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2019 Super Bowl.


Nationwide ®

MADD is grateful to Nationwide, Presenting Sponsor of the Power of Parents ® program for their longstanding commitment of MADD’s lifesaving mission.

“At Nationwide ® , we exist to protect people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care,” says Martha Frye, Senior Regional Vice President at Nationwide ® . “Part of being a trusted, caring and customer-focused protection company is educating young people on the dangers of underage drinking and drug use. We’re proud to continue to partner with MADD to equip parents and teenagerswith the resources theyneed tohave thesecritical conversations and to ultimately prevent senseless tragedies fromoccurring on our roadways.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 31


Corporate > $50,000 Nationwide Insurance ® Arizona Cardinals ®

Dream Giveaway ®

Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP

Finley Distributing First Hawaiian Bank ®

Uber ®


The Ben and Maytee Fisch Foundation Foothills Community Foundation


On Point Global

Fox Law, APC

California Office Of Traffic Safety AAA-The Auto Club Group Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation

Geico ®

Georgia Automobile Dealers Association Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz PA Governors Highway Safety Program

Corporate Sponsors Velodyne Lidar, Inc. State Farm Insurance 100 Club Of San Antonio

Hancock Whitney ® Grossman Law Offices

31000FT 411 Pain

Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

Hervey Family Fund

AJ Novick Group

Hawaii Medical Service Association

Aetna ®

Hoffman Auto Group

American Industries Corp

R.L. Jordan Oil Company

Association For Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs

Jefferson Foundation

Baylor Scott White Bellevue Foundation BKD CPA’s & Advisors Barona Resort & Casino

Jerome Aluminum Products Corp

King Soopers

Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC

LaCroix, Inc.

Blake Curtis Snyder Memorial Fund

Lapham Law Firm

BrandsMart USA Brian D. Rogers, PC

Law Office Of Kenneth E. Berger

Moseley Collins

Broward Sheriff’s Advisory Council

Berenson Injury Law

Buckley Wynne & Parese

Lennox National Account Legends Hospitality, LLC Leo Goodwin Foundation

Burnetti, P.A. ®

Carichoff Law Group, P.C.

Casino Del Sol ®

Levinson Law Group

Chain Cohn Stiles Cesar Ornelas Law

Liberty Custom Contractors

Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys At Law

Charlottesville Dogwood Foundation Inc.

Live Nation ®

Circle K ®

Long Beach Area Convention And Visitors Bureau


MAPFRE Insurance Mallard Law Firm

County Of Suffolk

Marcum LLP

Cruise ®

32 Partnerships And Sponsors

Memorial Healthcare

US Risk

Van Amburg Law Firm PLLC Victory Layne Chevrolet

Mission Management & Trust Co

MOD Pizza ®

Walmart ®

Mohegan Sun ®

Weinstein Legal

National Alcohol Beverage Control Association

Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP

Office Depot ®

Yarborough Applegate

Orlando Police Department Orange County Sheriff’s Office Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute

Yellow Cab

2019 Bequests & Trusts

Jane E. Stem

Parnall Law Firm

Darland, Edwin H.

Penland Foundation

The Queen’s Health Systems R2 Restaurants, Taco Bell Recovery Center Of America

Margaret Hull Trust 2019 Eleanor S. D’Amelio

Mary Leavitt Revocable Trust

Matha K. Chestem

Richmond Ford Lincoln Reynaldo L. Diaz, Jr. PC

Michael and Ina Korek Foundation Trust

Maryann Zampell Roland J. Krogstad Muriel Krieger Trust Eli Warren Goode

Security Service Federal Credit Union ®

Sorrels Hagood

Southwest University

Stadium Management Co, LLC

Phyllis Miller

Suncoast Credit Union ®

Carol Greene

Sycuan Band Of The Kumeyaay Nation

Vivian McLaughlin

Table Rock Capital LLC

Buell Foundation

The Carlson Law Firm The Frickey Law Firm The Kirk Foundation

Oregon Community Foundation

The Rubin Group, Inc.

The Stewart Law Firm Thompson & Knight ® Titan Industrial Services Tucson Electric Power UBS Financial Services The San Diego Foundation ®

Ultimate Software

Union Pacific Foundation ®


Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 33


Helen Witty at Kentucky press conference.

MADD Advisory Board Member Steven Benvenisti.

Helen Witty and MADD volunteer Lois Windhorst in Kentucky.

34 Redefining Advocacy-Ignition Interlocks



Mandatory for all repeat offenders

Mandatory for all first offenders with a BAC of .10 or higher.

Discretionary or optional law

34 states andD.C. nowhave all-offender ignition interlock laws in theUnited States.

MADD’s advocacy efforts led to the passage of two new ignition interlock laws in Kentucky and New Jersey, bringing the total to 34 states with D.C. with all-offender ignition interlock laws. Two New Ignition Interlock Laws Passed

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 35


Arthur Blank, Angie Blank, Amy Kissam Sands and Buck Rodgers at the MADD Georgia Walk Like MADD event at Falcon’s Stadium.

Walk Like MADD New York.

Heather Geronemus speaking at the Fort Lauderdale Walk LIke MADD and MADD Dash event

Walk Like MADD California.

36 Walk Like MADD


Walk LikeMADD® is the signature fundraising event to support MADD’s mission to end drunk driving. Walk Like MADD is the only large-scale, community-based activity that allows those impacted by drunk driving to take steps to stop drunk driving in their communities. It is a platform for victims and survivors to turn their pain into purpose.

The annual Walk Like MADD events bring together victims, survivors, volunteers and community partners to remember those killed, injured or emotionally devastated by drunk driving; to inspire those who may feel helpless or lost; and to commit to a future of No More Victims ® .

TOTAL RAISED $3,456,293.08

Top 5 Walk Like MADD ® Teams 2019

Team Name-Team Captain

Walk Like Madd ® Location

Southern California

Team Noah- Katie Dorsey

Ft.Lauderdale, Florida

Top Gun Options-Matthew Buckley

Long Island, New York

The Live Nations Legends-Adam Citron

Baltimore, Maryland

Jami Leigh Team-Jason Smith

Long Island, New York

Steven’s Walking Warriors-Angela Sarvis

Top 5 Walk Like MADD ® Races 2019

Walk Like Madd ® Race

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Long Island, New York

North Texas

Denver, Colorado

San Francisco, California

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 37


Financial Highlights (000’s) Year Ended December 31, 2019

Financial Highlights (000’s) Year Ended December 31, 2018



Assets Cash and cash equivalents Investments, at market value Receivables, net Contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other Literature and supplies Property and equipment, net

Assets Cash and cash equivalents Investments, at market value Receivables, net Contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other Literature and supplies Property and equipment, net

$950 13,296

$3,101 11,921

2,792 1,833 1,141 63 271

2,697 2,763 762 70 354

Total Assets

Total Assets



Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts Payable Accured Liabilities Deferred Revenue and Rent Total Liabilites Net Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts Payable Accured Liabilities Deferred Revenue and Rent Total Liabilites Net Assets

$52 1,746 851 2,649 17,697

$22 2,107 860 2,989 18,679

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Without Donor Restriction

Total 2019 With Donor Restriction

Year Ended December 31, 2019

Total 2018

Revenues Individual Contributions and Net Corporations and Foundations Government In-Kind Victim Impact Panel Fees Licenses, Promotions and Other

$69 897

$8,882 6,559 8,346 4,565 7,773 1,641 37,766

$8,425 4,335 9,000 3,404 8,319 2,982 36,465

$8,356 3,438 9,000 3,404 8,319 2,982 35,499


Net Assets Released From Restrictions Total Revenues

0 37,766

(2,628) (1,662)

0 36,465

2,628 38,127

38 Financials

Without Donor Restriction

Total 2019 With Donor Restriction

Total 2018

Expenses Campaign To Eliminate Drunk Driving ® Victim Services

16,970 8,212 1,720 5,534 4,335

16,028 8,473 1,754 6,574 4,618

16,028 8,473 1,754 6,574 4,618

Underage Drinking Prevention Management and General Fundraising

Total Expenses





Provision For Income Taxes



Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of the year Net assets at end of year

(1,662) 3,871 $2,209

977 17,702 $18,679

680 14,808 $15,488

(982) 18,679 $17,697



Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving

Management and General

Individual Contributions and Net Special Events











Victim Services

Victim Impact Panel Fees

Underage Drinking Prevention

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 39




Chair Of The Board // Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner

At Large // Google, Inc.

HEATHER GERONEMUS Vice Chair Of The Board // Ultimate Software Service HR and Payroll systems


At Large // Retired

SEASON ATKINSON Board Member // Tatum & Atkinson, PLLC


Treasurer // Nationwide


DON EGDORF Board Member // Houston Police Department

Secretary // Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


40 Board Of Directors


CAROL LEISTER Board Member // Retired

Board Member // Law Offices of Scott O’Mara

MATTHEW SACCO Board Member // Rubin, Turnbull & Associate


Board Member // Lenovo.com


STEPHEN GEHRING Board Member // General Motors Automotive

Board Member // Mercy Health System


TARA KELLEY-BAKER Board Member // University of Chicago - research

Board Member // GMMB

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 41

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