Aulsbrook Law Firm - June 2019

JUNE 2019


T-I-M-E Love Is Spelled

My dad impacted my life pretty significantly; I am the man I am today because of him. When I was a kid, my dad was often out on the road working. He was an over-the-road truck driver, and while he wasn’t always able to make it to all of my events, he made sure to provide for his family. And he always made sure to be at every single milestone occasion. He taught me a lot about working hard. I had to do quite a bit of work around our farm growing up. It’s funny to think he started buying cab tractors with A/C after I moved out. He had me working in an old open-top tractor, sucking up all the dirt and dust you can imagine. Of course, he was out there too. I remember plenty of days when I caught him covered in dirt from head to toe. I knew if he could weather it, so could I. There’s a saying, “Love is spelled T-I-M-E,” and it’s so true for my dad. I can call him up at any time of day, and he’ll answer and have just enough time to chat. I really appreciate having a dad who’s always there for me. That’s so cool. But what’s even cooler is he’s always there for everyone. He always answers the phone for anyone who needs to chat or talk something out. He’s a great listener and conversationalist. Because his occupation has taken him all over the United States, he can talk to just about anyone on just about any topic. It’s incredible.

I grew up before the age of Google. In a sense, my dad was Google when I was a kid. If I had a question, he had an answer. Even today, he still has answers to questions about life that Google simply can’t answer. My dad also has patience like no other. It’s one of his greatest character traits. He taught me to drive when I was about 10 years old. By that time, I was already driving tractors, lawnmowers, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles around the farm and the oil-top roads around the farmhouse, but I hadn’t done any real road driving.

When I did start learning to drive on the main roads, my dad insisted I drive standard transmission first. His daily driver at the time was a 1-ton dually wrecker with a four-speed stick shift. I remember when we went out in the truck one time. I tried to make a turn on the oil-top road while we were going about 20 mph. I don’t know how he did it, but he miraculously saved us from crashing while riding shotgun. My dad also inspired me to become an attorney. He always held attorneys in high regard — he considered them wise and able to earn a good living. Working in law, I’ve come to know a number of attorneys, and I can say not all of them are wise, and not all of them make a substantial income. The profession attracts all kinds.

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