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MARCH 2019

Article Title Will Go Here More Than 40 Years of Family-Owned and Centered Care P u W hen my dad began his dental practice in 1975, family- owned practices were the norm. Even as other dental practitioners began selling to corporate businesses, my dad remained firm

isn’t possible for them, or the problem isn’t worth fixing. At Clarence Street Dental, we know this is not true. In today’s dentistry field, treatment plans and options are affordable and worthwhile. Living a pain-free life with dental implants that look like your teeth is possible. Teeth-straightening options that fit into your lifestyle are possible. A dentist that caters to your whole family — from your grandparents to your baby — is possible. Our goal is to make your care simple, affordable, and centered around your needs and concerns. We operate with heart, and we don’t have to keep corporate interests in mind.

in staying family-owned and community-centered. My brother, sister, and I would often visit him at the office, and we never knew anything different than the immense dedication of a family-owned dental practice. My dad was always focused on making sure his patients and staff felt appreciated and cared for because he believed everything else would then fall into place. Money or growing by other means were never a concern for him. Instead, he was more concerned with the care his patients and the community received. He took a lot of pride in treating people with respect. Growing up in my dad’s business, my siblings and I never felt pushed into dentistry, but he made sure we understood how fulfilled being a dentist and his business made him feel. As I entered college considering a dental focus, I felt comfortable drifting around and taking time to make a decision that was best for me. Even after graduating, I still had my doubts about what I wanted from dentistry. That all changed when I began practicing, and I saw how great this profession can be. I was enamored by being able to help people gain confidence and live happy, healthy lives. One of the biggest driving factors for me is that I want to change the misconceptions about dentistry. I want patients to feel comfortable expressing their concerns and to leave their appointments knowing we have listened to them. The experts in our dental practice have heard patients say they have been told by other dentists that procedures would be too expensive, a solution

“Our goal is to make your care simple, affordable, and centered around your needs and concerns. We operate with heart, and we don’t have to keep corporate interests in mind. “

After two moves around Brantford for bigger office space, I’m proud to say Clarence Street Dental has kept the mission my father founded this practice on 44 years ago. Our patients and staff are treated like family, and I even still work with some of those same dental experts I grew up seeing in my dad’s practice. In the four decades Clarence Street Dental has been in practice, the industry and its options have vastly changed, but one thing has remained constant: People are put first. And as my dad taught us, everything else falls into place when you remain dedicated to others.

–Dr. Michael Ling, DDS


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