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people inspired since 1975

We are national experts For over 48 years, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture (BRS) has collaborated with forward-thinking civic organizations to plan and design their community recreation centers. Founded with a passion for creating places that bring people together, we have worked in over 300 communities of all shapes and sizes across the US. We partner with your community When done well, cultivating active involvement through an inclusive public process can build resources and add value to a project. We develop solutions with collaborative and innovative processes by leading with curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm.

joyful curious collaborative

The result is a design experience communities can be proud of, and a facility that tells a story of a unique people, place, and pace of life.

Community Recreation Design We believe that recreation centers and community centers provide a positive contribution to society and help everyone live better.

These community hubs provide safe, family friendly programs that appeal to a wide range of generations.

Our expertise in community recreation design includes feasibility studies, facility performance analyses, community engagement and interior design.

Everyone informs the process Community design is sourced from the well of citizens by asking questions, understanding their needs and wants, and collectively setting aims and goals together. For each role on a project, whether it is a political position, a technical operator/owner or a user/member we set community, project, performance and perception aims.


A shared main street

Northern Regional Recreation Center CORNELIUS, NORTH CAROLINA Mecklenburg County opened their new 85,000 square foot facility in 2022 bringing together health and wellness, social equity, and conservation for all ages.

The main street concept came from the surveys and concerns of the citizens to bring three small towns together into a charming and contempory shared main street with a town square.

The center serves a wide range of ages including a large active adult population.

“What we do here will evolve and change over time and we want the space that the community has paid and built here to feel like home to them and that they have a facility that listens and is a good steward of the resources given to us” — Senior Facility Manager


A connector on Colfax

Carla Madison Recreation Center DENVER, COLORADO

The design references the midcentury modern architecture along Colfax, the longest street in America. The color red was council woman Carla Madison’s favorite color.

Views of the recreation activity pool and climbing wall invite people to come in.

This popular amenity for the citizens of Denver connects with the neighborhoods along Colfax Ave promoting a healthy and safe place to come together. The five levels pack in a variety of activities to 65,400 square feet.

“The state-of-the-art center is another catalyst along the Colfax business corridor, driving economic growth and maintaining a thriving cultural and residential area.” — Deputy Executive Director Denver Parks & Recreation


Berthoud Recreation Center BERTHOUD, COLORADO The 49,000 square foot recreation center seamlessly integrates with the 59 acres of farm and park/event grounds. The first phase of a master plan, this center serves the rural area of northern Colorado.

The hall is activated with a bouldering wall. Acoustic panel in the ceiling creates a serene atmosphere.

A cozy gathering space

“It is a rec center, but i see it as a community gathering spot as well. There were a lot of boxes we were checking as we built it that made it not your typical rec center.” — Deputy Town Administrator

The recreation activity pool serves a wide range of members.


Energize a community


The recreation activity pool is perfect for a party.

The Center of Recreational Excellence (CORE) is a destination attraction that offers a fun-filled place to play, exercise and socialize. The 158,000 square foot center opened in 2018 and boasts a variety of amenities that include a three-story indoor playground, adventure track, gym, turf, lap pool and splash aquatics area.

“Community recreation does not drive out private business. It changes the culture and promotes a lifestyle of fitness.” — Mayor

The design incorporates a centrifugal circulation in the locker area.

We create places that improve community well-being

DENVER 990 South Broadway Suite 222 Denver, CO 80209

DALLAS 129 South Main Street Unit 250 Grapevine, TX 76051


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