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A guide to our professional products and services for children's funerals in your time of need. The Co-operative Funeralcare


Children's funerals


When a baby or child dies, it is one of the most devastating things that can happen. We recognise how deeply distressing this can be for you and your family. We want you to know that we are here to help, guide and support you in whatever funeral you decide for your baby or child. Children's funerals


CHILDREN'S FUNERAL FUND The UK government has created the Children's Funeral Fund for England which means that a funeral for a child under 18 or a baby stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy can be arranged without worrying about some of the costs. These include burial or cremation fees, medical certification and a coffin or casket (up to the value of £300). You don't have to worry about claiming for this fund, our team will do all of this on your behalf. In the event that your baby doesn't qualify for the Children's Funeral Fund (for example, a loss before 24th week of pregnancy), speak to your funeral consultant who will be able to support you. More information can be found about this here - .

In addition to the Children's Funeral Fund for England, we have opted to include the following services for children under the age of 18 or a baby stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy free of charge: • Necessary legal and administrative arrangements • Collection and bringing into our care • Care and attention • Transport to venue in our hearse or other appropriate vehicle • Reflection room visits • Some third-party fees. Speak to one of our funeral consultants for details.


THOUGHTS TO CONSIDER • Making a memory box can be very helpful and mean different things to different people. It can be a place to store your special keepsakes such as photos, a letter you have written, baby clothes, artwork or a favourite toy • A lock of hair may be able to be taken for a personal keepsake • Toys, photographs, letters, flowers etc. can be placed in the coffin • Consider what your baby or child could be dressed in. This maybe a favourite outfit, baby-grow, jeans/tshirt etc • An estate car or limousine can be used for a baby or small child, instead of a hearse • For a baby’s burial, ribbons can be used to lower the coffin into the grave

• At the funeral, our colleagues can wear colourful ties, instead of black • If the baby or child is to be buried, there are a wide range of memorials available from teddies, fairies, Superman, cars etc. (subject to local terms and conditions) • Themed personalised coffins/cremated remains caskets can be made with a favourite Disney or TV character, a rainbow, a favourite holiday photograph etc. (subject to local terms and conditions) Please remember, whatever you choose for your baby or child, we are here every step of the way for you from the funeral arrangement and beyond with our Bereavement Care team. We realise you may need us just as much after the funeral, as during the funeral arrangement itself, and we will be here to help.



Transport for the funeral service

The final journey can be an emotional and poignant part of the service and often families look to personalise this by selecting a vehicle to reflect the personality of their child. We have a wide range of transport options available to help you create a unique and fitting tribute. Prices are available on application and will include all necessary personnel to conduct the funeral.

Horse drawn hearse

Double decker hearse

Volkswagen Camper Van hearse

Vintage lorry hearse

6 Personalising the funeral service RELEASING OF DOVES

A white dove release at a funeral or the placing of a memorial, can be a peaceful and healing tribute, helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one, and allowing them to say goodbye. This service is only available at permitted venues. Speak to your Funeral Consultant to find out more.


A single dove

Represents: the spirit and soul of the departed being released to begin their final journey. A pair of doves


Represents: the joining of two souls. Three doves


Represents: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Four doves Represents: a release in the memory of the sanctity of your loved one’s life. Twelve doves Represents: the whole family saying farewell to your loved one.




BENEFITS OF AN ONLINE TRIBUTE PAGE • Friendly and easy to use service where you have complete control over the content • A funeral notice is published to inform guests about the funeral details, saving you time and energy • Easy to use on a tablet or mobile device so you can upload a comment at any time of day or night, anywhere • Online donations can be made to any charity or multiple charities, no matter how small, with the option to apply for gift aid • Allows you to stay in touch with others, helping you through the grieving process • The personal tribute will last forever and you can help your loved one’s memory live on for future generations

ONLINE TRIBUTES AND DONATIONS During the funeral consultation, we will set up a personal tribute page for you. Our online tribute service helps you to remember and celebrate a loved one’s life, to share their memories, stories, photos and videos, light virtual candles in remembrance as well as publish details of the funeral service for everyone to view. Friends, family and guests can also donate online to your chosen charity or charities through this service. To find out more about this service, please speak to your funeral consultant and visit our website. This service is included in our professional services, at no extra cost.


Personalising the funeral service

High quality, beautifully printed personalised service stationery and more. Orders of Service - pack of 20 from £90 (includes 5 photos and up to 16 pages) Orders of Service can be particularly useful, guiding the congregation through the service, show words to any hymns, music or prayers and, perhaps most importantly, provide a lasting keepsake for those who attend.

Other stationery from £30 Bookmarks, attendance cards, memorial cards and books of condolence all available in many designs, or create your own bespoke design. Please note products shown are not to scale.

In Memory Pins - pack of 10 from £21 (with Order of Service)

Rainbow Heart

Silver Heart

Silver Dove

Angel Wings


Red Robin

Pink Rose

Eternity Sign


Sport Boots

White Butterfly

Teddy Bear


GROW A MEMORY... Personalised funeral seed favours, the perfect sentimental touch to an important and emotional occasion. In Memory Seeds - pack of 10 from £21 (with Order of Service)

Forget-Me-Not seeds

Poppy seeds

Sunflower seeds

Wildflower seeds

Daisy seeds

Pansy seeds

All In Memory Seeds available in Kraft card and white card style with or without photo

Forever By Your Side photos - pack of 2 from £26 (with Order of Service) A heartfelt collection of 10 treasured photographs, concertina folded and protected with a soft edged cover.

6’’ x 4’’ Size - 10 photos

Polaroid Size - 10 photos



Keepsakes are a way to create special memorials of a loved one with tangible and personalised mementos. All of these beautiful products have been designed to retain a small amount of cremated remains of your loved one in a safe, personal and discreet manner.

Tribute oak heart keepsake £60 6.5 x 6.5 cm. Holds a small amount of cremated remains. Beautifully carved from natural oak, these heart keepsakes are the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand and are designed to discreetly hold a tiny quantity of cremated remains, along with photos, jewellery and other small mementos. Please note cost is inclusive of up to seven engraved letters.

actual size

Heart shaped keepsakes

from £59

6cm x 6cm. Holds a small amount of cremated remains. Treasure your loved one’s memory with an elegant heart shaped ceramic keepsake. Inside each of these hand-crafted hearts is a hidden chamber that will hold and protect a small amount of cremated remains of your loved one.

actual size


12 Personal keepsakes

Memory bear


43cm. Holds a small amount of cremated remains. The Memory Bear huggable plush teddy bear keepsake urn keeps precious memories safe in a specially-designed zipped compartment suitable for storing ashes, or other much-loved keepsakes. The Memory Bear can be personalised by adding a ribbon with the message of your choice, in blue, pink or white.


Beautiful crystal memorial keepsakes, to keep and treasure forever.

Crystal heart

from £70

6 x 6 cm. Holds a small amount of cremated remains. This memorial keepsake is the perfect memorial gift to hold the cremated remains of your loved one. A small amount of cremated remains is held in a silver or gold capsule, keeping your loved one close forever.

Crystal tealight

from £70

10 x 10 x 12 cm. Holds a small amount of cremated remains. This beautiful tealight is crowned with Swarvoski crystal elements and holds a small amount of cremated remains within a silver or gold cylinder. The top of the tealight can be engraved with a special message for an additional charge.

Crystal butterfly

from £70

10 x 10 x 12 cm. Holds a small amount of cremated remains. This beautiful crystal butterfly holds a small amount of cremated remains within a silver or gold cylinder.

14 For scattering or keeping



THEMED PICTURE TUBES Themed picture tubes are available in a range of beautiful designs and are suitable for the burial or scattering of cremated remains or as keepsakes. Themed picture tubes are created


from over 90% recycled materials and are biodegradable, making them an environmentally friendly choice. 1 Small


D 7.5 cm, H 13.5 cm. Holds 0.4 litres. 2 Medium D 11 cm, H 22.5 cm. Holds 2 litres. 3 Large


£45 D 13 cm, H 37 cm. Holds a full set of cremated remains. 4 Bespoke design £65 Any size.

ECO BAMBOO URNS The Eco Scattering™ urn is the new, environmentally friendly way to scatter the ashes of a loved one. The urn is made entirely of bamboo, a sustainable material, which makes the product completely biodegradable. The Eco Scattering™ urn is equipped with a unique closing mechanism, making the urn especially suitable for scattering ashes. Using the locking pin system the ashes are kept safe when you are on the way to the scattering location.


1 Scattering large urn H 36cm. Holds 3 litres. 2 Scattering small urn




H 25cm. Holds 0.6 litres. 3 Burial urn H 21cm. Holds 3.1 litres. 4 Water urn H 32cm. Holds 3.8 litres.







For scattering or keeping We have a selection of decorative urns in ceramic, brass or fibreglass that can be displayed openly or kept in a private place of remembrance. Please note images are not to scale. TO KEEP AT HOME AND TREASURE

Urns and keepsakes from £69


Candle holders from £99

Urns and keepsakes from £69

18 Jewellery with a personal touch

Having a piece of jewellery that captures a small amount of cremated remains or hair is a truly special and personal keepsake. A perfect way to treasure their memory, keeping them close to you forever.

Memorial jewellery

from £139

Available in 9ct gold and sterling silver.


Cherished Gowns UK is a charity that provides families of babies that are stillborn, miscarried or die shortly after birth with items of clothing that they are able to be dressed in, for their funeral - completely free of charge. The registered charity (No. 1172482) works closely with almost 250 NHS hospitals and directly with funeral homes on behalf of parents to provide packs that include a gown, hat, booties, blanket and a cloth nappy. All of the cherished items have been lovingly made by volunteers from all over Great Britain, and all of the gowns provided are made from generously donated wedding dresses. Since the charity started, over 100,000 gowns have been made from approximately 200,000 wedding dresses and over 250,000 items donated by knit and crochet volunteers. Cherished Gowns

If you would like to know more about this service or enquire about a free of charge pack, please speak to one of our funeral co-ordinators or visit



American casket collection

ESSENCE CASKET Solid poplar wooden casket with a high gloss white finish and white ruched interior. Please note these caskets are only suitable for burial. Coffin for a child under 2ft5" with Children's Funeral Fund £680 Coffin for a child under 4ft5" with Children's Funeral Fund £1,185

22 Themed picture coffins

Coffin for a child under 2ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund FREE OF CHARGE Coffin for a child under 4ft with Children's Funeral Fund £95 Coffin for a child under 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund £180 Coffin for a child over 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund £265

Picture coffins enable you to create a personalised design to reflect your child’s special life. We have a wide range of designs for all ages, featuring favourite colours, different sports and popular characters. Should none of our many designs not be suitable, a full bespoke design service is available and can include family photographs or drawings.

NURSERY RHYMES & BED- TIME STORIES Children’s rhymes and stories can be a great starting point to gather inspiration. Be it a religious parable, a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme, the imagery within can produce a beautiful crib that holds a special meaning.


CARTOON CHARAC- TERS & CHERISHED TOYS Many youngsters have a special fondness for a specific character or favourite toy. An image of a particular teddy or doll which was cherished by your loved one or a particular game you shared together can become a special point of focus within any design.



Eco coffin collection

BAMBOO AND WILLOW COFFINS A comforting and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional style coffin. Hand crafted from natural and biodegradable materials, this style of coffin is also suitable for woodland burials. The coffins are all lined and include an inscribed wooden nameplate.

WILLOW Infant and child willow coffins are available in natural willow or in soft white, pastel pink or powder blue. Coffin for a child under 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund from £170 Coffin for a child over 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund from £315

26 Natural woollen coffin The Hainsworth Junior Woollen coffin is carefully hand stitched in Yorkshire using pure new British Wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. The warm and tactile wool outer combined with the soft and padded interior gives an overall feeling of comfort evocative of a Moses basket.

Coffin for a child under 2ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund FREE OF CHARGE Coffin for a child under 3ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund £105 Coffin for a child under 4ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund £275 Coffin for a child over 4ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund £425


28 Expression collection

Expressions Coffins - a new way to personalise any funeral. Mix and match from a range of colour choices, by painting the coffin a particular colour, or leaving it in its natural wood. A glitter panel or picture can then be added onto the side panel creating a visually stunning piece of art.


Coffin for a child under 2ft with Children's Funeral Fund Coffin for a child under 3ft with Children's Funeral Fund Coffin for a child under 4ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund Coffin for a child over 4ft6" with Children's Funeral Fund


£55 £85



CHILD'S TRADITIONAL COFFIN WITH OR WITHOUT ENGRAVED SIDE PANELS Comes in all Dulux colours. Coffin for a child under 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund


Coffin for a child over 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund


Coffin for a child under 4ft6 with Children's Funeral Fund FREE OF CHARGE



Traditional collection


Our traditional child crib is manufactured in a white veneered chipboard with an inscribed name plate and brass coloured handles. Coffin for a child under 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund FREE OF CHARGE

TRADITIONAL COFFIN Our traditional child coffin is manufactured in a veneered chipboard with an inscribed name plate and matching brass plated handles. Coffin for a child over 5ft with Children's Funeral Fund FREE OF CHARGE


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