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The Lady Who Tamed the Bachelor How I Met the Love of My Life, Theresa 205 West Landis Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360 • 1040 Kings Highway North, Ste. 304, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 January 2020 856-696-8300

About 13 years after I startedmy law firm, after not having had a vacation for about five years, I had the opportunity to take a 10-day group tour to Israel. Now, this was the 1980s, and even though I was almost 40, I still consideredmyself a youngman. I had grown serious about law and was working hard—andmissing a lot of sleep— to helpmy clients, but there was still a part of me that wanted to become a famous DJ, run fantastic singles disco parties, and become a professional blackjack player (all at once, if possible). I was far from settling down, andmy main hope for the 10-day trip to Israel was that I wouldmeet some single Messianic Jewish women and we’d have a great time. To be frank, I hoped that a curvy, vivacious blonde would show up on the tour bus. But when we arrived in Israel, I realized the pickings were very slim. There were only a half-dozen unattached ladies in the group, and none of themwere blonde! My hopes were dashed until the leader of the trip announced that one more young woman would join us in two days. Maybe, I thought, just maybe, she’ll be the one. She wasn’t. At least, that’s what I thought at the time. WhenTheresa climbed aboard the bus, I was disappointed to see that she was petite and dark- haired. She wasn’t Jewish, either, and I didn’t feel a spark between us. I dismissedmy last hope for romance and set about making a friend instead —at least this outgoing, vivacious woman was interesting to talk to! I’mnormally a pretty reserved person, but Theresa’s eagerness to talk drewme out of my shell. I foundmyself spending a lot of time with her as we trekked around Israel, visiting famous landmarks and swimming in the Dead Sea. I told her all about howmost of my parents’families

were murdered by Hitler in the Holocaust and how it felt growing up a different person from the manmy parents wantedme to be (my mother hoped I’d become a rabbi). She, in turn, filled me in on her career at AT&T, the challenges of growing up Catholic (her mother wanted her to be a nun, a doctor, or both) and the boyfriend she just couldn’t seem to get rid of (I tried to give her advice on this point, but she wouldn’t have it). Though I didn’t feel the least bit romantic about Theresa on the trip, looking back, I can pinpoint the moment when I started to fall in love with her. It was near the end of our time in Israel, and we planned to go out for a delicious dinner. I wanted to head to the restaurant immediately, but Theresa insisted on showering and changing before the meal. Every woman I’d dated in the past took virtually forever to do that, so I wasn’t exactly excited, but Theresa promised she’d be quick. When I knocked on her door, I expected to be stuck waiting for a long time, but she shocked me by opening it with a smile, ready to go. I was very impressed (and maybe just a bit smitten).

At the end of the trip, the two of us exchanged phone numbers. I don’t remember if I hugged Theresa goodbye, but I do remember wishing she wasn’t leaving and thinking I might never see her again. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. We stayed in touch by phone and met sporadically over the years for adventures ranging from participating in a kids’day camp, to parasailing, to DisneyWorld and visiting the Statue of Liberty. After 28 years of“will we or won’t we?”Theresa finally put my bachelor days to an end by becoming my wife — and I’m so, so blessed she did. Nothing in the world can beat marrying your best friend. Thanks to Theresa’s influence, I’ve become a better man and a better lawyer. If you’re looking for legal assistance with a bankruptcy, personal injury, or criminal defense case, or any other legal matter, I’m the lawyer to call! You can reach me at 856-696-8300 or by visiting

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