Beaumont Family Dentistry July 2019

INTRODUCING OUR DOCTORS FROM EACH OF OUR LOCATIONS Beaumont Family Dentistry is made up of a dedicated team of doctors and staff. Each of our team members is highly educated and well-trained in advanced dental techniques to bring the best dental care to our patients and community. Both Dr. Kyle Golibersuch and Dr. Dustin Mayrand are at our Beaumont location. Dr. Golibersuch graduated from the University of Kentucky (UK) in 2015 and has received a certification in the Chao Pinhole surgical technique. Dr. Mayrand graduated from UK with honors, acquiring the Academy of General Dentistry Award and the Restorative Clinical Achievement Award. After graduating, Dr. Mayrand did a one- year residency program, during which he received training in dental implants, surgical procedures, and IV sedation. At our Leestown location, we have Dr. Jill Miller and Dr. Erica Higginbotham. Dr. Miller has received advanced training in laser dentistry, cosmetics, endodontics, and implant dentistry. She also has an associate fellowship with the World Clinical Laser Institute and is a proud member of the Kentucky Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the Bluegrass Dental Association. Dr. Higginbotham was awarded the Quintessence Award in Periodontology and the Award for Oral Diagnosis after graduating from UK College of Dentistry. She has also served as a member of the Kentucky Dental Association, as the secretary for the Kentucky Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and as a board member and vice president for the Bluegrass Dental Society over the past ten years. Dr. Katie Bowen and Dr. Ryan Golibersuch oversee our Hamburg location. Dr. Bowen received awards for her excellence in periodontology and oral pathology from the UK College of Dentistry. She also has a range of specialties, including CEREC, implant dentistry, and Invisalign. Dr. Ryan Golibersuch received his DMD from UK and is IV certified, trained in full mouth reconstruction, as well as Invisalign and Fastbraces. He is currently a regional trainer in CEREC CAD/CAM and 3D cone beam technology.

Thanks to novel technological advancements, dental science has come a long way since the days of fashioning toothbrushes out of bones and boar hair. Some of the most incredible inventions to enter the field in the last several decades fall within the category of cosmetic dental services. Generally, cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental procedure that enhances a patient’s teeth, gums, and overall smile. Since July has been dubbed Cosmetic Dental Month, what better way to celebrate the fascinating evolution of dentistry than to examine some of the most famous cosmetic dental patients throughout history? WASHINGTON’S (NOT) WOODEN TEETH The tall tale of George Washington’s wooden chompers is as enduring as the myth that the young future president chopped down a cherry tree and came clean about his crime. It’s also just as false. According to Live Science, Washington had multiple sets of dentures made of metal alloys, ivory, and even other people’s’ teeth. He was wearing partial dentures in his late 30s, but by the time he was 57, the president had only one tooth left in his mouth. THE TEETH THAT ‘HELPED WIN WWII’ While most people born with a natural speech impediment make efforts to cover it up, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill believed that his lisp was a necessary part of the war effort. During wartime radio broadcasts, Churchill’s voice was immediately recognizable. So, when he commissioned dental technician Derek Cudlipp to create his dentures, he had them designed to preserve his lisp. ‘GONE WITH THE TEETH’ Not many viewers were aware that one of their first Hollywood crushes, Clark Gable, smiled on screen with a full set of dentures. Due to a bad gum infection in 1933, Gable had to have most of his teeth removed. Rumor has it that while filming “Gone with the Wind,” his costar Vivien Leigh often complained about his foul breath, which was probably caused by his dentures. Halitosis aside, the two were apparently good friends. DID YOU KNOW THESE FAMOUS MEN WORE DENTURES? JULY IS COSMETIC DENTAL MONTH!

We are very lucky to have such qualified and dedicated professionals on our team!

Fortunately for today’s patients, dentists now have access to technology that makes cosmetic dentistry an effective and helpful reality.


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