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MAY 2020

Answering Big Questions

1 YouTube Video at a Time

In this unprecedented time, we are facing a challenge unlike anything most of us have ever faced. We have to adapt to changing circumstances and a new way of living, at least temporarily. Many people are now working from home, while others may be out of work altogether. For some people, each day can feel like its own challenge. The important thing to remember is that we are all in this together — we face this challenge as a community. This month, I want to share an update about what I have been doing the past couple of months while working from home. In addition to working with a lot with clients, I have been updating our YouTube channel — . YouTube is a valuable resource, and with many people at home, this is a great time to focus on creating a few new educational videos. I looked at the questions people are asking and a variety of circumstances clients and others may find themselves in — along with their money. And here is a brief look at a few of the videos I created to address these questions. Interested in Getting 10% Dividends? Better Act Now! When the market crashes, it’s not all bad news. The truth is that you can use it to your advantage. In this case, I’m talking about buying dividend-paying exchange-traded funds (ETFs) at a discount. I know of one in which you can get over 10% dividends. This particular ETF is in the energy sector. If you’re a client, you know I have avoided energy ETFs for growth, but for income, it should be considered. Check out this video to find out why this one ETF has my attention. Beware of the Retirement Red Zone! I’ve brought up this topic in the newsletter before. The red zone is the period of time between when you officially retire and when you “turn on” your new income (pensions, Social Security). People want to know how they can get more control

over their money while reducing their tax burden — and you can. In fact, as this video discusses, you can have a year or two of no income, sell select securities, and pay no taxes on those gains. Dirty Little Secrets About Dividends! This video tackles the myth that you need at least $1 million to retire. I get into why this is not true. Dividends can play to your advantage, and you can put your money to work — and make it last a lifetime. And the great thing is that you don’t need anywhere near $1 million to make your vision of retirement a reality. Watch the video to learn more! These, of course, are just a few topics I go over on the channel. Other topics include the new coronavirus aid package, market volatility, investments to avoid, reverse mortgages, and more. I’ll be updating the channel regularly, so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you know when the newest videos go up. And if you have a question you’d like answered, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. And speaking of dropping me a line, while our physical office is closed due to the ban — and I’m working from home — I am still very much working. I’m meeting with people over Zoom and on the phone. We were lucky to have a cloud-based phone system in place before the pandemic, which made the shift to working from home a breeze. So, if you have any questions, concerns, or anything else, give us a call and we can set up a time to chat.

In the meantime, stay safe out there, and we’ll talk again soon.

-Dan Casey



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