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Case Study

The team at Ewing Irrigation is experiencing firsthand the benefits of moving to a centralized fire protection program. Prior to their partnership with APi National Service Group (APi NSG), each Ewing Irrigation branch ran independently and selected their own fire protection service provider. This process resulted in piles of inconsistent paperwork and invoices, as they have over 200 facilities across the country. This made it very challenging to manage their budget, inspection schedule and ensure compliance of their systems. When Ewing Irrigation initiated a partnership with APi NSG, their biggest challenge in moving to a centralized program was communicating the change in process to all of their branches. We worked with Ewing Corporate to develop and execute a comprehensive communication plan, emphasizing the value of having a single provider. We utilized multiple communication mediums which accomplished a seamless transition over the transition period. David Paetow, Safety & Security Coordinator, has been with Ewing Irrigation for over 31 years. Paetow expands on the mutually beneficial partnership: “Sometimes we would send over 200 checks in a given month. Going from that to sending just one was a huge increase in efficiency for our team and really made the process a whole lot easier.” According to Paetow, “Ewing will be able to see the transformation in our annual spending, and gain a better idea of what to expect in our budget for the future.” APi NSG understands there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to fire and life safety. We partner with our customers to create a program that works best for their business. We will continue to deepen our relationship with Ewing Irrigation by providing exceptional customer service, program oversight, cost standardization and presenting creative solutions to enhance their fire and life safety program.

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