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Let ter From the Edi tor

The December issue of The Salute focuses on some unique talents and skills of students and staff at CHS. The ver y fir st issue of the magazine published in Januar y 2018 showcased Hidden Talents. We retur n to this theme again this year as each student and staff member has qualities and skills that make them unique. Finally, I would like to thank all the businesses who continue to adver tise in TheSalute and the suppor t we get from the staff at TheShopper. The cover is designed by Abbie Ber gan and a mash up of por tr ait shots of Hunter Danielson, Kala Kr iener, and Kaitlyn Loden.

Kir sten Gossman

M ak e A r t Your Own Written by Haylee Holten Hunter Danielson, a senior at Crestwood, has been dr awing all his life. However, at the age of fifteen, his love for dr awing really took off. Danielson?s inspir ation for dr awing came from his dad because he loves to dr aw also and is really good at it. Danielson finds the ideas for his dr awings from what other people do. His favor ite subjects to dr aw are car toon people. Danielson?s dr awings typically take anywhere from five minutes to one hour but some can take longer. Danielson added, ?My favor ite par t of dr awing is that it?s ar t, and you get to make it your own and do what you want with it.?

Junior Megan Watson says that if she could have any hidden talent/ability, it would be reading minds.

Hunter Danielson, a CHS senior, takes a moment to dr aw in class.

Contour and Creat i v i ty Written by Kayla Birdd

Kendal Butikofer, a freshman at Crestwood High School, has been pr acticing makeup for 2 year s. Butikofer said she likes makeup because ?you can do so many different types of things with makeup and it?s always different.? She has always also been interested in dr awing and makeup. Butikofer has done other people?s make- up in the past for prom, plays, and for fun when they ask her to. She loves makeup because she appreciates the ar t in it and she enjoys all the different applications possible do with the makeup. Butikofer ?s favor ite makeup product is ar tificial lashes, and she goes nowhere without them. She also has a lot of pallets and single eyeshadows. She buys her makeup from small makeup places online, because she like suppor ting them and they have better quality products. Butikofer says, ?No matter what you do, it?s always your s and your creation.? M y heart isa beat I t skips itsbeat aswebreathe I t is filled with more than anyone you shall ever know M y heart keeps me alive but lately it's been doing more Than that it?sdoingmorethanpumping blood Tokeepmegoing I t is a skipping and a beating its love beat of its own M y heart I just don?t speak its languageanymore M y heart's been in thedarkness I just don?t know how to bring it out With it in thedarkness I don?t knowwhat todo What is lovewhat isnot I donot care A s long as I got you thereisnoproblemno longer I can hear thethunk of my heart beating a littlebit faster M y Hear t Written by Autumn Nolan

Freshman Kendal Butikofer

Autumn Nolan

Written by Dana T heus

Junior Autumn Nolan loves to wr ite poems. She star ted wr iting poems when she wrote a poem for a fr iend and her teacher suggested she enter a contest. Nolan usually wr ites when she is upset or when she is inspired by something. She often focuses on people she cares about and wr ites them a poem for Chr istmas, their bir thday, or if they are feeling down. She also wr ites about ?people who are str uggling and how they can r ise above it.?Sometimes, she creates a poem about an event because it is ?her only way to get stuff out without being angr y.?One of her poems was published in the magazine The International Poetry Digest Monthly in October . Nolan stated, ?I wr ite poems to inspire people, to show people that there are people out there who are like them, and that there?s someone they can r un to if they need it.?One day Nolan wants to publish her own book that contains all her poetr y.

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