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Drummi ng Her Way to A l l -State Written by Haylee Holten

Kaitlyn Loden, a sophomore band member at Crestwood High School, recently auditioned for All- State and made it as an All- State Alter native. Loden was consider ing audition when, CHS band director Mr. Jason Dobbs was fir st telling students about the oppor tunity. After that, Mr. Dobbs encour aged Loden to audition. Loden stated, ?All State gives you a lot of oppor tunities, and it looks good on a college application.? Loden has played percussion since she was in sixth gr ade. Additional to percussion, Loden also plays the piano. Loden says she only pr actices for things that she is ner vous about or that are impor tant to her. Before All- State Auditions on October 20th, Loden pr acticed after school as well as with Mr. Dobbs. Loden added, ?If it is something that I care about a lot, then I will pr actice a good bit for it.?

Kaitlyn Loden, a sophomore at CHS, plays her instr ument in class.

Written by Morgan Moser

Mr s. Darla Vokaty has been high school pr incipal?s secretar y at Crestwood High School for 25year s. Additionally, Mr s. Vokaty has a passion for motorcycling. This hobby star ted when she met her husband, Wayne, in high school. They have tr aveled to Yellowstone many times, up into Canada, over to Niagar a Falls, and into Wyoming. The far thest east they have tr aveled is the Smoky Mountains, and the far thest west they have tr aveled is Idaho. They r ide a lot in July because Mr s. Vokaty has the time off from school. They tr y and r ide as often as they can, depending on the weather. Mr s. Vokaty says, ?Some vacations don?t always work for us. If we have something planned out and the weather doesn?t look good, we will just check the weather repor t and find a different direction to go.? She really enjoys r iding alone with her husband because they can do whatever they want. They like to leave early in the mor nings, and, if they want to stop, they can stop. In the future, they are wanting to go more coast- to- coast. They would like to go into Vermont and New Hampshire on the east coast and more into Oregon and Califor nia on the west coast. They would also like to go more in September after the weather cools so they can visit the Souther n states. Mr s. Vokaty and her husband have been biking for 30+ year s, and they look forward to continue explor ing by motorcycle.

Darla Vokaty

Doi ng Her DOGgone Best Written by Gina Hayek

Junior Kala Kr iener has a ver y unique hobby. Kr iener owns two show dogs, a common Amer ican breed, a beagle, and a r are Canadian breed, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retr iever. Kr iener bought the Beagle, Stella, a little over three year s ago. ?I needed something to put my focus on,? Kr iener continued. ?I liked that the attention was on the dog r ather than the tr ainer.? Kr iener began at The Good Dog Center located in Decor ah, Iowa. Stella has the top title in tr icks and performing. Stella is also involved in, agility, obedience, and scent discr imination. Stella is a ver y accomplished dog. ?Stella received her Beginner Novice, Rally Novice, ever y single title in the Tr icks Performer sequence, and over all novice scent work.? To ear n your Novice Scent work title, you need to pass 3 exter ior searches, 3 inter ior searches, 3 bur ied searches, and 3 container searches. The scent they are tr ying to find in novice is Birch. " M y f avor i te th i ng about doi ng th i s i s you have such a connect i on w i th your dog."

Kala Kr iener, junior at CHS, shows two of her dogs.

Fender, the Nova Scotia duck tolling retr iever, is her youngest show dog. ?I decided on a Nova Scotia duck tolling retr iever because it?s a r are Canadian breed and it is not a common Amer ican breed.?

Her goal is to be invited to the Westminster Dog show because she has seen dogs like Fender excel. Along with showing dogs, Kr iener is involved in foster ing. ?I go to puppy mills and neglect cases to rescue dogs,? Kr iener shared. Cur rently, Kr iener foster s four dogs, with one pregnant. This makes for a full house as Kr iener has 4 per sonal dogs. Kr iener concluded, ?My favor ite thing about doing this is you have such a connection with your dog and the whole process, and, even though it?s not easy all the time, it?s nice seeing their per sonalities evolve.?

Freshman Br aydon Hubka says that if he could have any hidden talent/ability it would be flying.

Kr iener 's dogs, Stella, an Amer ican beagle, & Fender, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retr iever

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