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Pi ng Pong f or a Li f et ime Written by Dana T heus

Pr incipal Chr is Rogne has a hidden hobby. He loves to play ping pong. He even has a ping pong robot in his basement, which allows him to pr actice on his own. Mr. Rogne fir st found interest in playing table tennis when he was a child; he played in a church basement. Later on, in college, he liked to play at the ping pong tables which were set up in the dorms. When Mr. Rogne became a P.E teacher, he coached the students on how to play ping pong.

Mr. Rogne stated, ?I can go back and remember as a P.E teacher that there?s some spor ts you won?t be able to play your whole life but Ping Pong is a lifelong spor t. You can always play it.? Mr. Rogne took par t in the Iowa Games where there were amateur oppor tunities to compete. Then, in his early 30s, he star ted to play in a league in Mason City. He pr acticed ever y Monday night for two hour s after he had put his children to bed.

Nowadays, Mr. Rogne doesn?t play in the league anymore but he likes to play ping pong at family get together s, on holidays, or on Sunday after noons. Mr. Rogne said, ?The thing I like the most about playing ping pong is that it can be competitive but at the same time it can be fr iendly. You don?t have to be fast or tall. If you pr actice, you can be good at it.? If there are other people that would like to play ping pong, Mr. Rogne would be happy to get together and play.

Pr incipal Chr is Rogne enjoys playing ping pong in his free time.

Bl aess's Bl ades

Written by Hallie Frohn

Senior Nick Blaess is a self- taught metal worker, lear ning from tr ial and er ror (and a little from the inter net). He became interested in metalwork in 8th gr ade and has continued to make items in his spare time. Blaess has made a r ange of metal products from hunting or skinning knives, kitchen knives, and bowie knives. Working out of his gar age, Blaess can complete the many steps needed to create items from metal. The process can differ in length depending on the item being made. Blaess commented on the process of metalwork, ?Using a for ge, anvil, and var iety of hammer s and tools I can shape the bar of steel into the shape that is necessar y. Then I use a lar ge belt gr inder to gr ind the bevels and shapes that I want. Then its heat treated by heating the blank up to a specific temper ature and then quenching it in oil. The metal needs to be tempered in an oven at around 300- 400 degrees. I can polish and etch the metal. Handles can be glued on and pinned after and once the handles are finish polished and sealed, the actual knife is done.? Blaess also makes sheathes for the knives he makes. Blaess?s favor ite item to make is a bowie knife.

A pair of cabinet door handles for ged by Blaess.

" Once you repl ace negat i ve though ts w i th posi t i ve ones, you' l l star t hav i ng posi t i ve resul ts." -Wi l l i e Nel son Blaess also received an offer from the TV show Forged in Fire , which air s on the Histor y Channel. Competitor s are challenged to make weapons, including swords and knives, which are then judged. At the time, Blaess did not meet the age requirement to be on the show, so he declined the offer. He will continue to make metal mater ials, stating, ?I use it for more than just creating knives, I can make or fix car par ts.? Although Blaess enjoys metalwork, he stated he does not plan to make a career out of it.

Bowie knife for ged by Blaess from 1075steel with a walnut handle.

Senior Alex Johnston says that she enjoys color ing, and is r ather good at it. If she could choose, her hidden talent/ability would be strength or speed.

Shane Burke is a junior at Crestwood High School. Burke comes to school ever yday with a positive attitude. Burke says, ?It would be bad if I didn?t have a positive attitude. I don?t get how people can go a whole day being all gloomy and sad.? One way Burke stays positive all the time is hanging with his dog. Burke does not have any specific advice to give to people because ever yone has a different way of happiness. He says, ?I like having a positive attitude because it makes life more fun and enter taining.? Burke believes positive attitudes are contagious. If you have one, then the people you hang around are going to have one. Burke says, ?Being positive about things helps your lear ning. If you hate the things you are lear ning about just keep motivating your self to concentr ate.? Written by Morgan Moser

Shane Burke

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