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WITH THE PEOPLE (AND PETS) YOU LOVE Slow Down and Savor Moments

talk to someone who you can share memories of your mom with. For mothers who’ve lost children, I can only imagine your pain. Please know our hearts are with you. Mother’s Day at our house usually involves making breakfast for Susie and spending a nice day together. The kids help make her pancakes, and even if some of them don’t look quite like pancakes, Susie, being the good mom she is, still eats them. Sometimes we’ll go for a hike. We keep it pretty low key because those are the moments we all enjoy the most. Susie is a natural mom. I always say that our kids will turn out great in spite of me. They are so good because she’s such a great mom — they turned out okay because they have her. Susie is such a great influence for our children. I’m so grateful I get to spend my life with this woman. So, if I can leave you with one thought, it’s to be with (or call or video call) the people (or pets) you love. Tell them you love them, and make sure you keep letting them know. Dr. Jeff

lucky are we that we had a trip to get canceled? If that’s my biggest complaint, I’m doing pretty well. I knew it was time to take a step back and realize we’re pretty blessed. When we’re forced to slow down a little bit, it brings things into perspective. It means more time at home with family, and having a little more time on our hands isn’t a bad thing. Life isn’t all about being fast-paced and going from one thing to the next. These times spent at home are opportunities to be with the people we love. Slow down a little. Sit back and enjoy these moments with your loved ones. Don’t take them for granted. When it comes to everything going on in the world, this is the perfect time to appreciate your family. Do something fun together like play a game, go for a walk, or take a hike. Appreciate your mom and tell her you love her. Give her a call. If your mother has passed, sit quietly with your pet and remember her or

With Mother’s Day coming up, we want to share a message for Dr. Susie to let her know what an awesome mom she is. Dr. Jeff is taking over the column just this once (don’t worry, we edited it) to share his words of wisdom on what makes her such an amazing mother to their kids and why he’s grateful to have some more time with family right now. While there are a lot of crummy things going on in the world that we could focus on, I’d rather focus on the good stuff. We had a good reminder of this last month: The trip we were supposed to take as a family got canceled. It was easy to feel upset or frustrated. But as we stood there talking about it, I realized: How




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