ISHR School Profile 2019


The International School Hannover Region is committed to providing an international education within a creative and caring environment to enable its students to become life-long learners and open-minded, compassionate citizens.


IB Curriculum

Through the IB learning philosophy and rigorous academic requirements our students are not only preparing for success at universities world wide, but are becoming inquisitive learners who think critically, appreciate diversity, and are socially and environmentally mindful. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is the basis for the final two years of high school. The largest majority of our students (over 95%) follow an International Baccalaureate Diploma track.


Our School

The International School Hannover Region is an independent, co- educational, K-12 day school, serving the needs of a growing international community in the region. We aim to educate, engage and empower our students with the innovative skills and dispositions to solve real-world challenges. Integrity, honesty, fairness and justice are at the core of our vision for learning. Therefore, beyond readiness for college and employability in the future, we aspire to develop our students as positive change agents by nurturing a spirit of entrepreneurship that is founded in social responsibility.


The grading system is based on the IB 1-7 scale, where 7 is considered exceptional work. Given the small class size and the high mobility rate of our students, we do not rank students nor do we calculate cumulative GPAs. In grades 11 and 12, semester GPAs are weighted according to the difficulty of the course (to a maximum of 7): an extra 1.0 is awarded for a HL subject, and 0.5 is awarded for SL subject. Math Studies SL and general High School Diploma Course are not awarded extra points. Grades, Rank, GPA

All students at ISHR who have successfully completed their four years of high school are awarded a High School Diploma, which is equivalent to a high school diploma in the USA. A minimum of 24.5 credits are required for graduation. High School Diploma

The co-curricular program is a valued part of the ISHR community. Throughout the academic year, students are engaged in a wide variety of challenging and meaningful activities. They include music, visual and performing arts, school publications, fundraising projects, or sports. ISHR is a regular participant in the German International School Sports Tournaments. All secondary students partake in community projects, consistent with the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) component of the IB programme. Co-Curricular Opportunities



Academic and University Counsellor: Carin D’Souza | +49 511 270 426 259 IB Coordinator: Naomi Resmer Head of Secondary: Paul Becker-Hounslow Director: Rachel Hovington

CEEB: 734435 UCAS: 45145 IB Code: 001171

Bruchmeisterallee 6 | 30169 Hannover | Germany | +49 511 270 416 50

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