Arctic Expeditions


ARRIVAL IN THE ARCTIC In the afternoon we board our ship at the harbor in Longyearbyen. We meet the crew and have a safety brie ng while we begin cruising out of Adventfjorden via Isfjorden out into the Arctic wilderness. We settle in on the ship and in our cabins. During the evening we eat a welcome dinner, socialize and enjoy the magni cent glaciers and mountains pass by as we travel towards the land of the polar bear. Magic is ahead. DAY 2 - 8 EXPLORING THE ARCTIC WILDERNESS Travelling through the drift ice, our exact route will be decided by ice and weather conditions. Our goal is to explore and experience as much as possible of what the Arctic has to offer and encounter the impressive wildlife, of course hopefully also the King of the Arctic: the polar bear. When conditions allow, we get into our zodiacs to cruise around and perhaps go on land or ice. We will most likely travel to the fjords Fuglefjorden and Raudfjorden on the north side of Spitsbergen where we should encounter the edge of the North Pole pack ice. Later in the week we travel down south on Spitsbergen’s west coast to Bellsund and Hornsund. DAY 9 BYE BYE ARCTIC After a last breakfast together on the ship it is time to leave. There is time to explore the village some more and perhaps shop some souveniers for friends and family back home. Please note: Our exact route and travel plans are depending on weather and ice conditions and where we expect the best opportunities at the time of our expedition. We will do everything possible to make the most out of our Arctic adventure. Flexibility is the key to a successful expedition! During our expeditions we typically encounter polar bears and other wildlife, such as seals, walrus, foxes, as well as in summer-autumn also some whales. And of course always the magical scenery of Svalbard. There are never any guarantees for anything up here though. But we do know one thing: it will be amazing. It always is, and every expedition is unique and unlike the others. Nature is the boss. And that is what makes this a true adventure.


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