Arctic Expeditions

Packing the right gear in the right amount is important for a successful adventure. Here are some tips on clothing and items you will want to bring. - Small daytrip backpack - for your personal items during zodiac rides and landings - Rain cover or waterproof bag for your back pack and camera in the zodiac - Parka or down jacket with hood (March-April) - Wind- and waterproof jacket and pants - Thermal underwear, wool or synthetic - two sets, one thick and warm, one thinner - Fleece or wool sweater and pants - Warm hat, scarf and mittens - Gloves - thin, windproof ones that you can wear alone or inside the mittens

WHAT TO BRING We spend most of our time on the ship and on its deck experiencing the amazing nature around us and looking for wildlife. Inside the ship we are warm and comfortable. Outside, the temperature in March-April usually is around -15°C/5°F, in May -5°C/20°F. We often get asked if you need to be very physically fit for an expedition like this, and the quick answer is no! Getting in and out of the zodiacs you climb a short ladder while assisted by the crew. In the zodiac you sit comfortably on its side. We don’t drive fast, and we don’t go into the zodiacs if the sea is rough. A couple of times during each expedition we may take a walk on ice or land, depending on conditions. We have three armed guides, so we can split the group if someone wants to take a longer walk. For your own and others safety, it is not allowed to walk alone. This is polar bear territory and the risks must be taken seriously. Our guides are very experienced, listen carefully to what they say. If there is something you’re not sure about, don’t hesitate to ask!

- Socks, thick and thin of wool - several pairs - Comfortable clothes to wear inside the ship

- Comfortable shoes and sandals/sneakers to wear on the ship - Trekking boots or insulated rubber boots - to wear in the zodiac and during landings - Swimwear, if you feel like taking a dip in the Arctic Ocean! And some other personal items: - Personal hygiene, toiletry items and medication - Sunscreen and lip balm - If you use glasses or contact lenses, make sure to bring an extra pair - Camera, memory cards and batteries - Laptop and/or hard drive to backup your memory cards - Cards, games, books etc for leisure time on the ship - Binoculars - Sunglasses with good UV protection - Power adapter (all power outlets on the ship are of Swedish 220V standard) Before the trip we will send you a more detailed list of recommended items. And we’re always available for more advice.


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