Arctic Expeditions

This expedition begins and ends in Reykjavik on ICELAND. In the morning of August 21 we travel with a private bus from Reykjavik to Akureyri on northern Iceland. The ride is around 4.5 hours. In the afternoon, we fly from Akureyri with our chartered airplane to Ittoqqortoormiit in Scoresby Sound, where M/S Freya is waiting for us. The flight takes around 1.5 hours. We return the same way and come back to Reykjavik in the evening of August 29. DATES: AUGUST 21-29, 2024 TRIP LENGTH: 9 days GROUP SIZE: maximum 18 people PRICE per person: PLEASE NOTE: The prices for this Greenland expedition are preliminary. One year before departure, in August 2023, we will set the final price, which should not differ much from this. However, you will at that point be able to cancel your reservation and get the deposit back if you wish. ACCOMMODATION: Shared twin cabin. All cabins have separate, lower beds, private bathroom/shower and a window to the ocean. The superior and executive cabins are newly built, and are on deck level with quick access to the deck, lounge and dining areas. They are slightly larger than the standard cabins, which are upstairs. The executive cabin is the largest. It also has a double, king size bed. Price includes: • All activities, transportation and fees/permissions on Iceland and Greenland. • Guiding in English by Fredrik Granath and two guides. • All meals on board M/S Freya. (Dietary requirements like vegetarian, vegan, lactose, allergies etc are not a problem - just let us know). • All drinks/beer/wine during dinners. • Bus transport on Iceland. • Chartered airplane to/from Greenland. • Large format photo book with memories from our journey. • 120% Climate compensated trip including your flight. Not included in the price: • Flight to/from Reykjavik on Iceland. • Travel insurance. • Optional tip for the ship crew. Payment terms: A deposit of 20% after making your reservation. The rest is due two months before departure. Standard cabin US$ 8,800/EUR 7900 Superior cabin US$ 9,300/EUR 8400 Executive cabin US$ 9,600/EUR 8700

GREENLAND 2024 Join Fredrik Granath and Melissa Schäfer on board the best expedition ship in the Arctic for an amazing adventure and a unique opportunity to experience one of the most remote and untouched areas on our planet: the extreme wilderness of Greenland. SCORESBY SOUND ON GREENLAND is an absolutely spectacular area. The fjord goes into the coast of eastern Greenland with waters beautifully framed by steep, dramatic mountains. For over eight months every year the fjord is packed with ice. When we visit in August, gigantic ice bergs are floating around the often mirror-like waters which are surrounded by land covered in spectacular autumn colors. This is an exclusive expedition with a small group on the best ship for an adventure cruise like this. We travel through the fjord system and use our small zodiac boats as often as possible to get even closer to the nature around, like ice bergs and wildlife, and to go on land. We will hopefully encounter musk oxen, some seals and with a bit of luck also polar bears and whales, such as belugas. If the ice conditions allow it, we may also travel a bit north of Scoresby Sound, along the eastern coast of Greenland to the North Pole pack ice. This is a unique opportunity to visit one of the most difficult to reach and stunning areas on our planet.


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