Arctic Expeditions

EXPERIENCE THE ARCTIC , Svalbard, its animals and nature up close. North of Norway, not far from the North Pole, we find Spitsbergen and the mythical archipelago of Svalbard. Visiting the high Arctic with its untouched nature is a magical experience. JOIN FREDRIK GRANATH, MELISSA SCHÄFER AND EXPEDITIONSRESOR on an expedition into the extreme wilderness of Svalbard. The goal of our expedition is to experience the dramatic scenery and all the amazing wildlife around Svalbard. WINTER AND SPRING IS A MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR around Svalbard and Spitsbergen. The landscapes are covered in snow and there is plenty of drift ice in the fjords and areas surrounding the islands. Our ship handles these conditions well and we will travel far out into the most remote and unique areas where we best can experience the Arctic nature and its impressive wildlife, of course including the polar bear. Hopefully we also encounter other animals, like walrus, seals, birds, and when we’re on land: arctic fox and reindeer. In March and April, after months of polar night, a world of ice comes out of darkness and the days quickly become longer. From the middle of March we have plenty of daylight with a warm and beautiful light, while sunsets color the snow covered landscapes and frozen fjords, shifting from dark blue, to pink, violet, red and orange. ​ In May, spring is beginning to embrace the Arctic and the midnight sun shines around the clock. The landscapes are still covered in snow and there is usually plenty of ice in the fjords. ​ The feeling out there is indescribable. ​


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