Baker Academic Spring 2023 Catalog


The Bible and the Priesthood Priestly Participation in the One Sacrifice for Sins Anthony Giambrone, OP A CATHOLIC BIBLICAL THEOLOGY OF THE SACRAMENTS Timothy C. Gray and John Sehorn, series editors Anthony Giambrone, OP, offers a biblical theology of the priesthood rooted in the Old and New Testaments. “This beautifully written volume manages to pack a very sophisticated set of interpretive proposals into a book that a general theological reader can under- stand and enjoy. An exegetically sound grounding of the office of the priest - hood in the biblical tradition.” —GARY A. ANDERSON, University of Notre Dame “A profoundly biblical theology of the priesthood that will illuminate exegetes, fundamental theologians, and dogmaticians alike.” —NINA HEEREMAN, St. Patrick’s Seminary & University

Anthony Giambrone, OP (PhD, University of Notre Dame), is vice president and professor of New Testament at the École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem. He also teaches at the University of Notre Dame and at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

NOW AVAILABLE • 320 pp. • paper • $22.99 • 9781540961860

ALSO IN THE SERIES The Bible and Baptism NOW AVAILABLE • 9781540961785 • 256 pp. • $22.99p

“A book that deserves to be read and pondered by church study groups, theological students, and anyone who desires a deeper understanding of the sacrament of baptism.” —RICHARD B. HAYS, Duke University (emeritus)

FORTHCOMING SERIES VOLUMES Michael P. Barber on the anointing of the sick John S. Bergsma on marriage James B. Prothro on confession, penance, and mercy John Sehorn on the Eucharist


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