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Abundantly More The Theological Promise of the Arts in a Reductionist World Jeremy S. Begbie

Late modern culture has been marred by reductionism, which shrinks and flattens our vision of ourselves and the world. Re - nowned theologian Jeremy Begbie believes that the arts by their nature push against reductionism, helping us understand and experience more deeply the infinite richness of God’s love and of the world God has made. In Abundantly More , Begbie analyzes and critiques reductionism and its effects. He then shows how the arts can resist reductive impulses by opening us up to an unlimited abundance of meaning. Finally, he suggests how engaging the arts in light of a trinitarian imagination (which itself cuts against reductionism) may be a unique way of witnessing to and sharing in the life and purposes of God. Theologians, artists, and any who are interested in how these fields intersect will find rich resources here and discover the crucial role the arts can play in keeping our culture open to the possibility of God. “As only Jeremy Begbie can do, this book weaves theology and music, philosophy and poetry, science and Scripture to explore and celebrate the uncontainability of the triune God and the irreducible complexity of creation. Beginning with an astute analysis of our modern tendency to reduce, flatten, and de-complexify the beau - tiful, swirling kaleidoscope of divine and created reality, Begbie articulates a creative, constructive pneumatology that deepens our understanding of the resonance between theology and the arts. A remarkable achievement that breaks new ground.” —JAMES K. A. SMITH, Calvin University; editor in chief, Image PRAISE FOR JEREMY BEGBIE “Any work by Jeremy Begbie is bound to bear instruction and delight.” —ALAN JACOBS, Honors College, Baylor University “[Begbie is] a wonderful writer, thinker, and musician.” —N. T. WRIGHT, former Bishop of Durham; University of St. Andrews (emeritus); Wycliffe Hall, Oxford “[Begbie] has contributed significantly to theological reflection upon Christian faith and the arts, and especially to theology and music.” —DAVID J. GOUWENS, Modern Theology

JULY 2023 • 272 pp. • cloth • $39.99 • 9781540965431

Jeremy S. Begbie (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Thomas A. Lang - ford Distinguished Research Professor of Theology at Duke Divinity School. He served as honorary professor of theology at the Univer- sity of St. Andrews; Associate Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge; and as an affiliated lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity at the Univer - sity of Cambridge. A professionally trained musician, Begbie has lectured widely and is the author of a range of articles and books.



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