Baker Academic Spring 2023 Catalog


Why Evangelical Theology Needs the Global Church Stephen T. Pardue Christian theologians and students are aware that evangelicals in the Majority World now outnumber those in North America and Europe, and many want to know more about emerging voices in the global church. At the same time, these voices are largely absent from Western evangelical theology. Stephen Pardue seeks to bridge this divide by arguing, biblically and theologically, that it is imperative for Western evangelical theology to engage with the global church, and he provides exam- ples of how this can be done. Case studies throughout the book illustrate opportunities for fruitful engagement with non-Western theology in various areas of Christian doctrine. Readers will be given an introduction to the riches available within the worldwide body of Christ and learn how to engage productively with the global church. This book will be useful to professors and students of theology, especially evangelicals.



1. On God and Gravity: Evangelical Objections to Contextual Theology 2. A Word Very Near: Contextual Theology and Christian Scripture 3. The Wealth of the Nations Shall Come to You: How Culture Matters for Theology 4. A Great Multitude from Every Tribe and Tongue: Grounding Contextual Theology in the Doctrine of the Church 5. The Children of God Scattered Abroad: Contextual Theology in the Fellowship of the Worldwide Church 6. A Great Cloud of Witnesses: Contextual Theology in the Fellowship of the Saints Conclusion Index

AUGUST 2023 • 208 pp. • paper • $24.99 • 9781540960740

Stephen T. Pardue (PhD, Wheaton College) directs the ThM/PhD in Theological Studies and Church History at the Asia Graduate School of Theology and teaches theology at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila, Philippines. He is the author of The Mind of Christ: Humility and the Intellect in Early Christian Theology and the coeditor of ten books, including Majority World Theology and Asian Christian Theology .


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