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Jesus the Purifier John’s Gospel and the Fourth Quest for the Historical Jesus Craig L. Blomberg

The third quest for the historical Jesus has reached an impasse. Craig Blomberg explains that a fourth quest is underway, one that highlights the contribution of a heretofore largely neglected source: the Gospel of John.

“This book is a treasure. Recognizing the value of the third quest, it appropriately raises the need for a fourth. You will profit greatly from this read.” —DARRELL L. BOCK, Dallas Theological Seminary “Required reading for all those interested in the ongoing quest for the historical Jesus.” —JEANNINE K. BROWN, Bethel Seminary “The method and approach offered in this book will become a model for future generations of scholars, and the implications of its con- clusions will challenge and strengthen the theology and mission of the church.” —CARLOS RAÚL SOSA SILIEZAR, Wheaton College “Readers essentially get two good books here: a fair and extremely helpful survey of the history of Jesus research, suitable for a historical Jesus course, that does not leave out voices often marginalized by Bultmannians, and a case for why John’s Gospel belongs in historical Jesus research.” —CRAIG S. KEENER, Asbury Theological Seminary “Blomberg’s book paints a picture of Jesus worth placing alongside others—Jesus the Purifier.” —MIGUEL ECHEVARRÍA, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

APRIL 2023 • 416 pp. • cloth • $49.99 • 9781540962959

Craig L. Blomberg (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is distinguished professor emeritus of New Testament at Denver Seminary, where he has taught for more than thirty years. He is the author or editor of numerous books, including Can We Still Believe in God? , Can We Still Believe the Bible? , A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis , Jesus and the Gospels , The Historical Reliability of the Gospels , and commentaries on Matthew, 1 Corinthians, and James.




The Original Quest for the Historical Jesus

2. No Quest and New Quest? 3. Launching the Third Quest with a Jewish Jesus 4. The Jesus Seminar and Its Kin: A Step Back in Time 5. Has the Third Quest Played Itself Out? 6. Foreshadowing the Fourth Quest: Rehabilitating the Gospel of John 7. Purification, Baptism, and Transformation in John 1–4 8. Purification Starting to Change in John 5–11 9. Ritual Purity Fades Away in John 12–21 10. Purity and the Historical Jesus of the Synoptics Conclusion Indexes



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