Baker Academic Spring 2023 Catalog

Also of Interest to Professors from Brazos Press

Surprised by Doubt How Disillusionment Can Invite Us into a Deeper Faith Joshua D. Chatraw and Jack Carson Even those who live by faith sometimes doubt. Those doubts don’t have to mean the end of Christian identity. Surprised by Doubt invites skeptics and doubters to explore the ancient faith for a new perspective on contemporary Christianity. Building on C. S. Lewis’s metaphor that envisions Christianity as a house with many rooms, Joshua Chatraw and Jack Carson encourage readers to move beyond the cramped attic of reactionary versions of the faith to explore the larger, more ancient main floors of the house. With pastoral care and intellectual rigor, they help Chris - tians discover the wisdom of the past and find ways to reimagine a life of faith alongside doubt. Joshua D. Chatraw (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is exec- utive director of the Center for Public Christianity, the theologian-in-residence at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, and the lead teacher for New City Fellows in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jack Carson (PhD candidate, University of Aberdeen) serves as the executive director of the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement and as an instructor at Liberty University.


AUGUST 2023 • 192 pp. • cloth • $21.99 • 9781587435591

A Good and True Story Eleven Clues to Understanding Our Universe and Your Place in It Paul M. Gould

This book guides us on a journey to discover the true story of the world and our own place in it, showing that Christianity holds the most satisfying answers to life’s biggest questions.

“This is now the best book to give to an unbelieving friend or relative.” —J. P. MORELAND, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author of A Simple Guide to Miracles “An accessible, relatable, and humorous quest to discover our personal story in and through the story of the world.” —MARY JO SHARP, Houston Baptist University

Paul M. Gould (PhD, Purdue University) is associate professor of philosophy and director of the philosophy of religion master’s program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He is the founder and president of the Two Tasks Institute, an apolo- getics institute and podcast, and is the author of eleven books.


NOW AVAILABLE • 224 pp. • paper • $19.99 • 9781587435195


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