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9780801099731 • 432 pp. • $49.99c

9780801097928 • 432 pp. • $54.99c

“In a very readable style, this volume provides a helpful introduction to prophecy in ancient Israel and to the prophetic books of the Old Testament. Tully consistently mines relevant theological lessons for Christians and connects the prophetic message to the trajec- tory of redemption into the New Testament. Well organized, with maps, informative sidebars, and thoughtful questions, Reading the Prophets as Christian Scripture will be a useful textbook and reference book.” —M. DANIEL CARROLL R., Wheaton College and Graduate School Southwestern Journal of Theology 2022 Book of the Year Award (Honorable Mention, Biblical Studies)

“As far as NT introductions go, Reading the New Testament as Christian Scripture ought to be at the top of every professor’s list. For those who teach NT survey, Campbell and Pennington hit all the right marks with respect to introductory issues; in other words, they capably introduce students to historical matters and come to what we might call theologically conservative conclusions regard- ing issues of authorship, date, and the like. But they do not stop here, or only cursorily survey the literary themes of the NT books, but instead offer something new: a theological primer on the NT that situates the reader in the context of Christ’s church through- out space and time.” —MATTHEW Y. EMERSON, Themelios

FORTHCOMING IN THE SERIES IN 2024 Christopher B. Ansberry on Wisdom Literature Constantine R. Campbell on the Pauline Epistles Joshua W. Jipp on the Gospels

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