he trained intensely and became the Distinguished Honor Grad for his class. Consequently, Special Operations picked him up and he was on his way to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. With multiple deployments to Iraq and Af- ghanistan, Upchurch served faithfully until his active separation in 2011. It was then that a fortuitous home purchase in 2006 with his VA loan started to give rise to a growing real estate empire. With the equity he now had in the home as the real estate market rebounded and the rental income to fuel him, in 2012 Upchurch bought another piece of America using a VA loan. Two years later and with a $180,000 profit, Upchurch sold that house to make way for another purchase. Again, using a VA loan, he bought and eventually sold another property for a profit of $250,000. It was clear Upchurch was onto some- thing as he continued to build capital through one real estate venture after another. After years of dedicated mili- tary service, his family would now see a future without precedent. In 2017, he began the investing phase of his real estate career as he became a partner in several multimillion-dollar real estate ventures while continuing to purchase homes on his own. As BUILDING CAPITAL TO BUYAMERICA

a piece of the land they fought

to defend. Moreover,

they get the opportunity to build real wealth and financial freedom. What Upchurch demonstrated was the heart and soul behind Marine veteran Andy Williams’ Veterans Buy America initiative. Both Up- church and Williams share a passion for educating their fellow veterans about the po- tential power of real estate. With that in mind, Williams con- tinues to scan the country for veterans follow- ing the path that he once took. Veterans Buy America serves as a rally point and beacon for all veterans

Upchurch family

it stands today, the kid from Iowa who made his first home purchase with a VA loan is now looking at a portfolio worth millions. When veterans invest in real estate, they have the opportunity to own

to realize the potential within them. Upchurch continues to serve this mission as he serves as the COO for Active Duty Passive Income. What remains clear is that Wil- liams is onto something as evidenced by Upchurch’s suc- cess and many like him. Through the Veterans Buy America

initiative, those who served gain their own financial freedom. That’s some- thing worth fighting for and a mission Williams refuses to abandon. •

Jeff Edwards is a Marine veteran and contributing writer for Veterans Buy America. Find out more about the initiative and stories of transition at


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