your prospective renters and the closest one. This will ensure that you can leave the property, if necessary, to avoid a threat. As part of this strategy, it’s im- portant for a landlord to keep their prospective tenants in front of them at all times during a showing. Have the prospect enter each room first, while you follow. By allowing the prospects to take the lead, you can keep yourself close to an exit and prevent anyone from surprising you from behind. In addition to taking steps to prevent assault, property manag- ers should also take steps to avoid being robbed while showing a rental house. According to, leaving any personal belongings un- attended, even for a moment, could make it easy for thieves to walk away with your laptop, wallet, or briefcase. During a showing or open house, it’s best to carry all personal items with you or keep them in a secure location. Together, these precautions and strategies can greatly enhance the personal safety of any property man- ager. At Real Property Management, the safety of our property manag- ers is a top priority. We provide the training and information property managers need to stay safe on the job. By minimizing known risks and staying alert to potentially dangerous situations, property managers can better protect themselves and their rental properties. •

a few important safety guidelines, the inherent risks of the job can be greatly reduced. One of the best practices to stay safe during a showing is to know ahead of time who is coming. Setting appointments for potential tenants and gathering some basic personal information can go a long way toward preventing an assault. Request to see some identification, and if pos- sible, snap a photo of it and of each prospect’s license plate number and photo identification. Another straightforward way to stay safe is to make sure someone knows where you are. Before head- ing to the property, tell a friend, co-worker, or family member where you are going and when you will be back. Notify this person when you arrive on the property and as soon as you are in a safe location after you leave. For property managers, darkness is an invitation for trouble. To ensure your personal safety while show- ing a property after hours or once it’s dark outside, the best practice is to bring another person along. At the same time, it’s important to keep the property fully lit, including exterior lights. Just as keeping the lights on helps to discourage theft and vandalism, lights can also help deter any would-be assailants. Real Property Management teach- es their property managers to take additional safety measures while showing prospective tenants around a property. For example, while inside the property, landlords should open any door with a deadbolt and turn the deadbolt out. This will prevent the door from being closed and locked behind you as you move around. It’s also important to maintain a careful awareness of where your exits are, and to position yourself between

reason, it is important for anyone working in the real estate and prop- erty management industries to make personal safety a priority. Vacant houses seem to invite a certain kind of trouble, especially in the process of showing a property for rent. During a showing or open house, strangers are often given unlimited access to the property and are usually aware that the owner or landlord is alone. But by following

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