Conference Agenda Monday, June 17th, 2019

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast for Conference Attendees 9:00 AM Real Estate’s Next Decade: Executives Weigh In • What are your predictions for real estate over the next 10 years? • How is technology poised to impact property management, development, finance and investment over the next 10 years?

• Which amenities are driving meaningful rent premiums in residential and commercial properties? How are real estate companies using technology to select the right amenity package? • Will technology reduce friction costs in real estate or reallocate them (and who will be the winner in either scenario)? • Which listing tech innovations are streamlining the process of viewing and investing in properties? • How will augmented search and virtual viewing lead to quicker sales? • What technologies are real estate companies using to revamp limited-service buildings? • How does tech come into play after lease signing? What are critical touchpoints for residents and tenants after they move into a space? • To what extent can PropTech impact both tenant experience and asset value? Panelists: Taylor Wiederkehr, Director of Innovation Services, BH MANAGEMENT SERVICES Cyrus Claffey, CEO, BUTTERFLYMX Bill Wolf, Technology Director-Property and Research Systems, CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD Larry Gorman, Chief Technology Officer, INVITATION HOMES Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, SMARTRENT intelligence to identify new investment opportunities, set rents based on real-time pricing trends and drive new revenue streams? • How are lenders changing the borrower experiencing using machine learning and AI? • Who are major players in the leasing management software space? Are new disruptors likely to emerge? What are the newest innovations in AI-enabled leasing? What methods are being used to project costs for leasing up new vs. existing buildings, 12-24 months from now? • As your company enters new markets and expands its portfolio, how do you ensure that your technology is sufficient? • How is technology being used to drive value from existing real estate assets? • When will technology disrupt real estate’s relationship model, with robo-brokers leading to the elimination of fees? How long will it take for this to happen? Even with all this technology, do you still need boots on the ground? 11:15 AM Networking Break 11:45 AM Tech-Driven Business Intelligence, Deal Flow & Originations • How can real estate companies use location

• What partnership models, opportunities and risks will arise as the real estate industry’s digital transformation accelerates? • How are real estate companies using technology to address climate-related risks? • What can the real estate industry learn from smart cities around the world? • How is technology changing how residential and commercial properties are traded, managed and leased? • What efficiencies are possible through cooperation among established real estate firms? Panelists: Chris Zlocki, Head of Innovation, Executive Vice President, Americas Corporate Solutions, COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL Sandy Jacolow, Chief Information Officer, MERIDIAN CAPITAL GROUP Inaas Arabi, VP of Propertyware, REALPAGE Robb Napolitano, Chief Information Officer, THE BROOKSVILLE COMPANY • With the threat of inflation at bay, where are cap rates headed in the next several quarters? • With the rise of e-commerce, how are property owners using technology to revamp existing retail assets and develop new experiential retail properties? When is the retail industry likely to see wider adoption of drones, robotics, blockchain and bitcoin? • How is the hospitality sector using technology to elevate the guest experience, improve security, and address asset management challenges? • How will employment trends impact growth in the office sector?

9:45 AM Commercial Property Outlook

• What efficiencies will technology bring to industrial, logistics and distribution facilities? Panelists: David Blatt, CEO, CAPSTACK PARTNERS Nancy Lashine, Principal, PARK MADISON PARTNERS 10:30 AM How Tech Is Upending the Tenant & Resident Experience

• Which technologies are helping property owners update existing buildings to the expectations of today’s occupants?

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