Conference Agenda Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

10:30 AM Networking Break 11:00 AM Workplace Innovation & The Office of The Future

• What methods are effective at linking accounting and document management systems to improve workflow and data verification? • How do you identify trusted data sources? • What are the best tools for mining public vs. private data? • How severe are today’s cybersecurity threats for real estate organizations, and what tools are they using to combat them? • What vulnerabilities do intelligent buildings face? How can building management systems be designed to safeguard against cybercrimes? • How are real estate companies applying predictive modeling to their investment strategies? Panelists: Harry Blanchard, Head of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, MOODY’S ANALYTICS Sasha Bernier, SVP, CHELTENHAM ENTERPRISES Josh Panknin, Director of Real Estate Technology Initiatives, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Brian Mascis, Chief Revenue Officer, ROCKPORT VAL, LLC Josh Erosky, Director, Information Security and Building Technology, UDR Jeff Adler, VP, Matrix, YARDI SYSTEMS

• To what extent is the space-as-a-service model becoming the norm? How are these services being delivered in workplaces? • How do you assemble the right project team to create an agile workspace? What skill sets do these team members need to have? • What features do modern offices need to have in order to serve the needs of today’s multigenerational workforce? What are the benefits of locating co-working spaces within conventional offices? • What are the latest innovations in virtual staging and 3-D visualization? • When can we expect more partnerships between co-working firms and retailers? • What are the latest trends in wellness-focused amenities within offices?

• What strategies are real estate companies pursuing for improving the economics of underutilized office spaces? Panelists: Tamar Moy, Senior Managing Director, NGKF Ryan Salvas, Senior Manager-Digital R+D, WEWORK 11:45 AM Does Your Data Management Strategy Need a Reboot? • What technologies are making big data usable and mobile for the real estate industry? • What techniques are cutting-edge investors using to better value properties? Which technologies are streamlining data analysis in the valuation process?

12:30 PM RealTECH Concludes

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