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The best itineraries with stunning deals! The premier experts in South American travel are leaders in innovation, with over seven decades of expertise. Carefully curated experiences await alongside foremost local experts. We offer cruises around the Galapagos Islands and a wide variety of land-based travel. Enjoy multi-day itineraries and cultural activities in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. With 70 years of experience innovating the tourism industry, we offer the best in bespoke travel expertise. METROPOLITAN TOURING IS THE PREMIER EXPEDITION & LUXURY BRAND WHEN IT COMES TO SOUTH AMERICAN TRAVEL AMENITIES & FACILITIES Free shore excursions natural history lectures and transfers in the Galapagos. Free transfers airport/hotel/airport for Galapagos cruise departures to major hotels in Quito and Guayaquil. Free consultations with our Medical officer, on call 24/7. WiFi and internet access (intermittent and low- bandwidth) Top-ranking naval officers as Captains and First Officers 60+ years of experience and reliability Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Outdoor terrace / BBQ Gift shop Fitness Room Reading room and natural history library Wi-Fi hotspot (intermittent/ low bandwidth connection) 24/7 coffee station (free coffee, tea, and water) Safe deposit box (in cabin) Glass bottom boat Kayaks Pangas (inflatable dinghies for coastal exploration)

SHIPS | # OF PASSENGERS La Pinta | 52 Yacht Isabella II | 40

PRICE RANGE $3920- $5812


Immerse yourself in the True Alaskan experience; visit remote towns and Alaskan Native villages, hike temperate rainforests, kayak glacial fjords & view majestic wildlife. Our all-inclusive, small expedition itineraries offer a mix of excursions in intriguing towns and Alaskan Native villages and adventures in raw wilderness bays and glacial fjords. This approach to small vessel expeditions in Alaska offers travelers a comprehensive look at all the Inside Passage has to offer. Every experience is hand-picked for its value in immersing you in True Alaska. AUTHENTIC AND PERSONAL SMALL EXPEDITION ADVENTURES THROUGH ALASKA'S INSIDE PASSAGE

AMENITIES & FACILITIES Friendly and knowledgeable officers and service staff Comfortable mattresses, fresh towels and linens, and ocean-view windows

Complimentary-use binoculars in all staterooms Daily room service, including evening turndown Complimentary, Alaska-made body washes and shampoos An intimate lounge/salon and bar aboard all vessels Early-riser pastries every morning in the lounge, and hors d’oeuvres prior to dinner Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages A complimentary glass of house wine or Alaska beer with dinner service Complimentary Alaskan gear for use during your expedition, including rain jackets, rain pants, and boots The Chichagof Dream features a Himalayan salt room. Known for their holistic, natural healing properties, salt rooms can alleviate respiratory conditions, deliver calming and detoxifying effects, and promote overall wellness.

SHIPS | # OF PASSENGERS Kruzof Explorer | 12 Chicagof Dream | 76 Admiralty Dream | 49 Baranof Dream | 49 Alaskan Dream | 40

PRICE RANGE $5395- $8495


WRITTEN BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

We seemed plunked down in a different world. It looked like something from the depths of history. Or maybe from planets beyond our orb. Great shards of ice glistened like diamonds in deep sapphire waters. Tidewater glaciers swept like rivers of ice down massive mountain valleys. Mountains, some as high as 15,000 feet, rose straight out of the ocean. Snow-draped peaks towered over sparkling fiords. “It feels like you are going back in time, back to the Ice Age,” said Ranger Fay as the Wilderness Explorer from UnCruise Adventures entered Alaska’s Glacier Bay on our seven-day cruise. “We are traveling on one of the most beautiful places in the world.” Accessible only by sea or air, Glacier Bay National Park is recognized as a biosphere reserve, as established in 1986 under the Man & Biosphere program of the International Coordinating Council. In 1992, the 3.3-million-acre park also became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alaska expedition: Paddle boarding was an option on our UnCruise Wilderness Explorer cruise, photo by Jackie Sheckler Finch. Aboard the 74-passenger Wilderness Explorer, we spent three days in Glacier Bay, not merely cruising past the astounding scenery but actually stopping to go ashore, paddle a kayak, enjoy paddle boarding, ride in a skiff or jump into a polar plunge. To see Glacier Bay is to enjoy nature in its primary stages.

Creation of Glacier Bay

“We like to say that glaciers eat mountains for breakfast,” Ranger Fay said. “Most glaciers all over the world are melting away very quickly.”

Orca “killer whales” skimmed through the sea, looking more like sharks with their black fins gleaming against the dark blue water. Once I even glimpsed a sea otter floating along on its back with its toes stuck up in the air. I think it was as surprised to see our vessel as I was to see it. The ship slowed – a sure sign that the captain or some other crewmember or passenger had seen an animal – to watch a coastal brown bear amble along the beach with three cubs in tow. Then another bear showed up with two cubs. Soon after that, a wolf sidled up on a small hillside across a stream from the bears. A second wolf lifted his head to howl. Two bald eagles watched from a tall tree and seagulls circled overhead. But none of the animals seemed afraid of the other – almost as though they had staked out their claim and, at least for the moment, were willing to live and let live.

When English navigator and explorer George Vancouver first sailed the Alaska coast in 1794, Glacier Bay did not exist. It lay beneath a sheet of glacial ice several miles wide and thousands of feet thick. Glacier Bay was all glacier and no bay. The 400-foot-thick wall of ice was 20 miles wide and more than 100 miles long. Since then, in one of the fastest glacial retreats on record, the ice has shrunk back 65 miles to unveil new land and a new bay. “Three hundred years ago, you would have seen ice,” Ranger Fay said. “We are traveling on one of the greatest retreats that ever happened.” Living in the shadow of the great glacier, the native Tlingit people found all they needed to prosper. “ The Tlingit people were here for thousands of years until about 300 years ago,” Ranger Fay said. “A natural disaster unheard of at the time chased them out of their homeland.” Around 1750, the dormant glacier began to move. “It was a very dramatic movement in a very short period of time,” she said. “The Tlingits were forced to leave quickly without any warning.” The glacier has been receding ever since. When naturalist John Muir visited in 1879, it had retreated 48 miles. What John Muir saw was breathtaking – “a picture of icy wildness, unspeakable pure and sublime.” In 1916, it was 65 miles shorter. Today, it is almost completely back onto dry land, with just a few spurs hovering above saltwater. Scientist are studying the phenomenon, hoping to learn how glacial activities relate to climate change.

Cruises limited in Glacier Bay

In the 1960s cruise ships began entering Glacier Bay regularly. Today, entrance to Glacier Bay is closely guarded in order to protect the delicate environment so cruise lines must apply for permits to visit. A limited number of permits are issued each year for ships which meet the strict criteria. The scenery is spectacular. The park includes 16 tidewater glaciers with 12 actively calving icebergs into the bay. Wildlife abounds, from sea birds to shore- bound birds. Whales cavort in the waters. Steller sea lions trumpet their songs from icy islands. Orca killer whales patrol for prey. Wolves and bears prowl the shores. Goats nestle in the rocky crags. Even though we edged near the icy creations on the Wilderness Explorer and in our kayaks and skiffs, we didn’t get too close. Without warning, columns of blue ice can smash into the sea with a primeval roar. Known as calving, the falling ice can create strong waves and toss house-sized chunks of ice. “The Tlingits have a name for caving,” Ranger Fay said. “They call it ‘white thunder.’” On our expedition cruise, we were able to get up close to the amazing creatures that call Alaska home. Gigantic humpback whales breached not far from my cabin window. Cavorting and cart wheeling, they snorted huge sprays of air and seawater as their bodies slapped down on the ocean with massive thuds.

Alaska is star of cruise

Forget about manmade entertainment on the Wilderness Explorer as it cruises Alaska. The real show out here is unscripted, the kind of beautiful adventure that can take your breath away. Don’t know how Chef Bob and his culinary team prepared all that yummy food in such a small kitchen but they certainly did. But Chef Bob knows that even a delicious sit- down dinner can be put on hold if wildlife has been spotted. “When it comes to a choice between dinner and whales,” Chef Bob noted with a grin, “the whales always win.”



For over 40 years, we have specialised in creating luxury barge holidays on some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, these voyages allow you to travel in luxury without the strains of packing and unpacking, whilst enjoying a balanced blend of daily excursions and fascinating cruising. Whether your interests lie in gastronomy and wine, local history, and culture, or just relaxing on deck with a good book and a glass of Chablis, a “slow boat” voyage with us offers the ultimate in experiential travel. Each day as your ‘floating boutique hotel’ glides sedately along at walking pace, you can relax on deck and take in the passing countryside, then perhaps hop off at the next lock to stroll along the towpath or enjoy a little exercise on one of the barge’s bicycles. With capacity for up to 20 passengers on board, a hotel barge cruise offers a more intimate, informal atmosphere than on larger river and ocean cruise vessels, so it is an excellent choice for couples, single travellers, families, or small groups.


Each hotel barge cruise is for 6 nights and includes:

Comfortable accommodation in air-conditioned, en suite staterooms or suites Gourmet meals prepared by the on-board chef, fine wines and an open bar Daily escorted excursions in an air-conditioned minibus to places of interest and private wine tastings Local transfers e.g. to and from Paris Bicycles and, on most hotel barges, an on-deck spa pool Attentive service from an experienced crew – Captain, chef, tour-guide, and hosts/hostesses Intimate ‘house party’ atmosphere with small passenger numbers and an unparalleled level of personal service Cruises are generally less than 70 miles in a week, at only 3mph Cruises are on smaller waterways and canals inaccessible to larger vessels Unique cruising experiences such as Eiffel’s Aqueduct at Briare, the Arzviller Boat Elevator and the Malpas Tunnel Gentle pace and immersion in the local culture and history

SHIPS | # OF PASSENGERS La Belle Epoque | 12 Finesse | 8 L’Impressionniste | 12 + 14 more barges

PRICE RANGE $4550- $15595



Established in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club launched with twin mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II, and has achieved the industry’s highest accolades. “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising” defines SeaDream’s mission: to provide a casual yachting experience that exceeds guests’ expectations as they explore the world’s most amazing destinations. The expression “yachting” is not only a statement about size; it describes a lifestyle aboard the intimate vessels. Chic and stylish, SeaDream’s 56-stateroom twin yachts are favored for their elegant informality, personal service provided by a crew of 95, state-of-the-art facilities, inclusive open bar and gratuities, ocean view accommodations, luxury spa and world-class cuisine. Itineraries feature hidden yachting harbors and the smaller, less crowded ports of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. AMENITIES & FACILITIES Well-appointed stateroom or suite accommodation: featuring unobstructed ocean views, marble lined bathroom with multi-jet shower, Bvlgari® bath amenities, personalized stationery, superior Belgian bed & bath linens and more. All gourmet meals expertly prepared a la minute with the freshest of ingredients– served open seating in our Dining Salon or al fresco at the outdoor Topside Restaurant. 24-hour room service from the in-suite menu Gratuities Open Bar with select premium brands Daily selection of wines to accompany lunch and dinner Water “toys” from the yacht’s marina including wave runners, kayaks, personal sailboats, stand-up paddle boards, snorkel gear, water skiing, wake boards, swim platform, banana boat and floating island. Mountain bikes for shore side exploration Golf Simulator with 30 signature golf courses Crew-led shore side activities like hiking and biking with the Activities Manager, or go shopping with the Chef. Laptop computers for use while onboard Pool and Jacuzzi Sauna/steam room Special Dessert Extravaganza

SHIPS | # OF PASSENGERS SeaDream I | 112 SeaDream II | 112

PRICE RANGE From $3899



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