The Livewell Collective - October 2018



IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS BIRTHDAYS AND GOOD BUSINESS October may be just about my favorite time of year in Columbus. The days become brisk but not freezing, baseball is wrapping up while football is kicking off, and the trees start showing their autumn colors. It’s one of those times of year you can really feel the passage of time. This goes double for me, since my birthday is this month.

goodness relationships matter. Don’t believe me? Check out the next page and see how well CrossFit 313 is doing with their member-first approach.

At some point as we get older, we stop caring about the gifts themselves and more about the sentiment behind them.

Now, the last thing I want to do is make this newsletter about my birthday. If I did that, I might have to tell you how old I am. Instead, I want to talk about what I’d like to do for your birthday, if you’re up for it. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to build a database of our clients’ birthdays so we can send you a gift on your special day. Getting a project like that put together will take some work, but the approach of my own big day has really put things in perspective. Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, and our fans and customers are special to us. Putting in the time to make this gift database a reality is worth it to me. If you have a birthday coming up, or just want to make sure you’re on this list, send me an email at Believe it or not, I first got this idea from a shorts company. If you know me, you know I like Chubbies shorts and shirts, but more than their clothing, I like the way they treat their customers. If you’re on their mailing list, Chubbies will send you a funny birthday email, complete with memes and a $5 gift card. Not a big investment on their part — $5 won’t be getting me a new pair of swim trunks anytime soon — but the gesture mattered. I felt connected to the brand. This is something affiliate owners should pay attention to. Giving your members gifts is more than just a nice gesture; it’s smart business. We’ve got a cost breakdown on Page 2 of how it can be directly profitable to give away O2, but for now, I want to focus on the big picture. When you’re trying to grow your box, retention and referrals matter. Keeping your current gymgoers engaged to the point that they feel comfortable recommending your box to a friend ultimately comes down to how your members feel about you, your coaches, and your box. More than any marketing gimmicks or social media strategies, honest-to-

Take advantage of every opportunity to remind your members you care about them as individuals. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones should be celebrated, even in small ways. CrossFit is, after all, about community. Giving someone a can of O2 and some swag along with a “Happy birthday!” can go a long way. It may sound cliché, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned it really is the thought that counts. At some point as we get older, we stop caring about the gifts themselves and more about the sentiment behind them. Just knowing you have people in your life beyond your immediate family who care about you enough to wish you a happy birthday can be a powerful thing. Not long ago, a friend got me a book they thought I’d like: “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight. Not only was this book right up my alley, the fact that this friend put the time and effort into picking it out for me was incredibly moving. As a business owner, I want my relationship with you to matter. Maybe that means sharing my experiences with you through this newsletter, or perhaps it means sending you a gift for your birthday. Your willingness to put your trust in O2 means the world to me and my team. After I blow out the candles this year, I’ll be raising a toast to great folks like you who have made this year absolutely incredible.


–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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