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communautaire Le lien community link The Seaway Valley Community Health Centre !e Seaway Valley Community Health Centre is currently looking for volunteers to assist in the balance for life "tness classes. For more informa- tion, Corrie : 613-930-4892, extension 152. L’Amalgame La ligue d’improvisation de l’Amal- game est à la recherche de membres pour former des équipes en vue de présenter des rencontres amicales d’improvisation devant public dès l’automne 2015. Si vous êtes quelqu’un de vivant et que vous aimez l’action, veuillez contacter Robert Perron, pré- sident de l’Amalgame, à perron.robert@ The Kidney Foundation of Canada !e foundation will be hosting a walk on September 13 at Lamoureux Park and throughout the country, to help raise funds for those a$ected by kidney disease. !e organisation is commit- ted to reducing the burden of kidney disease in Canada. More information is available at Chorale Centennial La chorale Centennial de Cornwall accueillera la chorale masculine Trelawny Choir de Cornouailles, au Royaume-Uni, le 17 septembre pro- chain, à l’église St John’s Presbyterian. Les billets sont disponibles au kiosque de loterie du Cornwall Square, chez Home Hardware ainsi qu’auprès des membres de la chorale ou à l’église St John’s Presbyterian. Gamblers anonymous Are you su$ering from a gambling addiction? If so, you’re invited to the gamblers anonymous meetings, held every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., at the Star- bright Centre, located at 343 Pitt Street. For more information: 613-362-7634. Al-Anon Are you a$ected by a loved one’s drinking? Al-Anon organizes meetings for families and friends. For more infor- mation, 613-937-4880 Glengarry Pioneer Museum !e 16th annual Harvest Fall Fes- tival is traking place at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum on September 13. For more information, contact Lauren Stephenson at 613-527-5230

Eliminating a common Cornwall myth

Rachelle André wanted to eliminate the commonmyth that there never was anything to do in Cornwall. !erefore she created !ings to do in Cornwall Ontario and SD & G. Pictured is the group’s banner girl, Caydence André


André and her daughter often volunteer with several local organisations.!is in turn has led the duo to take part in several events. “Every summer is "lled with activities,” she said. “We simply love taking part in events. We always end up not having enough time to do everything.” !erefore it came as a surprise to the woman when she was approached time and time again by local residents, complaining that there simply wasn’t anything taking place in their town. “!ere’s always some- thing happening here,” she explained. “It’s simply a matter of knowing.” In the hopes of making these said events known, André took it upon herself to create a Facebook group which would, in essence, be a gateway between happenings and eager citizens. Named !ings to do in Cornwall Ontar- io and SD & G , the six month old group is nearing 3,000 members and is constantly growing. “It’s crazy, we never thought it would garner so much attention,” said the proud woman. “It’s crazy, but in a good way.” !e group follows a strict code of rules, which André enforces with conviction. “We make sure that there isn’t any spam on the page,” she said. Following the immense popularity of her idea, André has created a trusted team in order to help her manage her group. Other members include her husband, Paul André, Chrissy André, Sabdra Cryderman, Louise

Rachelle André is on amission; to destroy the common myth that nothing happens in Cornwall. !e Cornwall native woman has made it her personal mission to educate her fellow city residents in the art of “event partici- pation”. “I was born and raised here in Cornwall,” she explained. “I’ve lived here nearly my whole life, but I had to move to Alberta for a year.!at’s when I realised just howmuch our province and city was beautiful!” !e smiling woman outlined that she sat on a park bench for quite a while upon coming back to her hometown. “It’s ama- zing here!”

Professional Live Theatre in Morrisburg, Ontario

Leblanc and Karine Gratton-Patenaude. In addition, the woman has also entrusted the help of eight-year-old Caydence André, known as the banner girl. “She’s always smi- ling,” she explained. “She’s the face of our group.” Pictured is Rachelle André, during the recent Garlic Fest held at Lamoureux Park

Sep.10 to Oct. 4

The Gentleman Clothier A tailor’s wish takes him back in time. Filled with heart and laughs. BY NORM FOSTER

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