VKC: Why do you make? Kristen: I do it for the process. I enjoy the relax- ing benefits of stitching and I thrive on watching my students learn the art of embroidery. VKC: How has your brand evolved over the past few years? Kristen: My brand has evolved a great deal in the past few years. I pre- viously made and sold art on Etsy and through my

don’t just rent the spaces; I partner with the business owners to put together an event that shines a light on my business as well as theirs. VKC: What is important in your workspace? Kristen: I can only function in a tidy work- space. I am sometimes guilty of spending more time on cleaning than making. It’s also important that I have a podcast blasting from some corner of the workspace. VKC: How are you changing the maker land- scape in KC? Kristen: I can only hope that I’m compliment- ing the awesome progress that has already been made. I am very focused on identifying the people of Kansas City who claim that they are not creative and are not capable of mak- ing. I bring them into my events, teach them the basics and watch as their inspiration starts to flow. Two attendees have opened their own Etsy shops since learning to stitch. VKC: What do you hope for the future of your business and the maker community? Kristen: I am excited to take Eat Drink Stitch to several other states in 2017. I plan to promote Kansas City through my travels. I hope that our maker community continues to thrive and that the makers continue to benefit from collaborations.

business, Hey Paul Studios. I transitioned to teaching and hosting a reoccurring embroi- dery event in 2014. Since then, the event has grown into it’s own company. I am now work- ing full-time at Eat Drink Stitch, LLC VKC: What materials do you love to work with? Kristen: Embroidery hoops and thread are two materials that I could never live without. I typically stitch on cotton fabric and occasion- ally on wood surfaces (yes, that is possible)! VKC: What do you love about Kansas City? Kristen: I love that the maker community and small businesses have a culture of col- laboration. I host my events in a variety of restaurants, breweries and small shops. I

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Showing the city how to stitch with sass, one class at a time Eat Drink Stitch

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