Agility: Hip Causing Back Or Knee Pain?

“Why Am I Suffering From Knee & Back Pain? ”

When the ligaments around the hip joints tighten, you lose normal range of motion in your hips. This in turn increases the shock from every step and that tremendous force is now transferred to your back or knees. Furthermore, when you walk, since the hip joint is not moving correctly, it pulls on your pelvis and spine. This constant yanking causes inflammation and irritation to your back, thighs, buttocks and knees. Finding The Cause… Finding the true cause of your back pain is always our top priority. It is only then, that a good physical therapy treatment program can be put together targeting these problem areas. Our advanced hands-on therapy and specific exercises dramatically improve your hip mobility and decrease the strain on your spine. Our experts at Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance will help you achieve fast pain relief and make your results last. Furthermore, we empower you with the knowledge of how to prevent re-injury and take care of yourself. Don’t delay and call us today to find out how we can put the spring back in your step!



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