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APRIL 2020





for me to start to feel better at all. Then, after about three months, the pain in my back went away. I watch my granddaughter, Lux, so on some occasions, I had to bring her to therapy with me. Everyone was so great with her, and she started to get used to these visits being a part of our day. When I pick her up these days, she asks, “Papa, aren’t we going to therapy today?” Even though I don’t go to PT anymore, I have four or five exercises that I do at home three times a week. I notice a difference when I don’t do them. I hadn’t had any pain for a while, but I went on vacation and didn’t do my exercises, and I started to feel some discomfort toward the end of it. Being in the routine helps. I know I have to take a half-hour, 2–3 times a week to do my exercises. For years, I’ve umpired and reffed football games, but I couldn’t do any of that last year because of the pain. I missed a year of something I love to do. I’m so excited to get back to it. I just signed up to umpire the 15-and- up league and will ref football in the fall. It’s so great to feel well enough to do that. I’m just so happy. I’m very pleased with Brandon, Angie, and Joni for helping me out and for all the work they did with me. Every session, someone was there alongside me. I always felt like I was the only patient there, even when the room was full. Brandon, Angie, and

This month, we want to feature one of the amazing patients we’ve been lucky enough to work with, Mike Kolva, and share his inspiring story. Mike came into our clinic after getting back surgery to remove scar tissue that was pushing against nerves in his legs. Four months after surgery, he still wasn’t feeling much better, so his doctor referred him to Snyder Physical Therapy. We were fortunate enough to work with Mike and see his journey — from coming in with hardly any feeling in his right leg and having trouble moving to being pain-free and mobile and getting back to the activities he loves. Here’s what Mike shared with us about his experience with physical therapy. When I first went to Brandon, I could barely walk. I’d get up in the morning, and it took me 15 minutes just to be able to move around and another 15 minutes to get down my steps. When I started, I barely had any feeling down the back of my right leg. I wasn’t in the best physical shape I could have been, so we started slow. Brandon had me work on my core, my back, and strengthening my legs. We tried different things and progressed from using no weight to using light weights and then more moderate weights. We did exercises when I met with him, and I also started to do some at home.

Joni make you feel like you’re the only one there.

As much as Mike speaks highly of us, our whole team enjoyed working with him so much. He was always positive and brought a great energy to PT. I always looked forward to talking with him, catching up, and joking around. When Lux came with him, she was always well-behaved and a super sweet girl. Physical therapy was successful for Mike because he was very consistent with coming to therapy and diligent in performing his home exercises. He wanted to get better and put the work in to do so. If you’re experiencing pain, I hope Mike’s story is proof that you can, and will, get better and get back to your life before pain.

Brandon told me not to expect a miracle, and it took about two weeks

–Brandon Snyder

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