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FEELING FAINT, LIGHTHEADED, OR DIZZY Feeling like you’re going to faint or actually fainting are both warning signs of a heart attack or other cardiac issue. This is especially worrying if it happens while exercising. SUDDEN SWEATING Sudden sweating can easily be confused with night sweats or hot flashes. However, sweating that indicates a heart attack is particularly extreme, doesn’t go away, or can make it difficult to sleep. NAUSEA OR VOMITING Often, women who experience nausea or vomiting think they have food poisoning, gastrointestinal issues, or a bug. However, these are common heart attack symptoms and should be taken very seriously. UNUSUAL FATIGUE New, unexplained fatigue may be a warning sign of a heart attack. However, fatigue can also be a symptom of many other issues, including anemia, depression, thyroid conditions, and even cancer. So even if it’s not a heart attack, it’s still important check in with your doctor. Research suggests that women often don’t recognize heart attack symptoms simply because they don’t know what they are experiencing. The best thing a woman can do is make herself aware of heart attack symptoms and get checked out immediately if there is a concern.

When people think of heart attack symptoms, they often think of stabbing chest pain. However, that’s not always how symptoms manifest, particularly in women. The following are

serious symptoms that can indicate a looming heart attack. If any of these symptoms are present, consider seeking medical attention.

CHEST DISCOMFORT The most common symptom is chest discomfort, including pain, tightness, squeezing, or pressure. In women, chest discomfort is more likely to feel like pressure or tightness. RADIATING PAIN Pain isn’t necessarily restricted to the center of the chest. It may be felt at the sides or even in the upper abdomen or back. It can also radiate into your shoulders, jaw, neck, or arms. Remember, anything above the waist could be related to the heart. SHORTNESS OF BREATH Sometimes your body will present symptoms well before an attack. For instance, you may experience shortness of breath during normal activities. If you notice this symptom, your doctor may run blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose tests and administer an EKG. 3 of the Most Outrageous Insurance companies will use nefarious methods to avoid paying for a claim. They’ll find out personal information, nickel-and-dime medical charges, misrepresent benefits, and act like your friend to find ways to pay less. On the website The Mighty, Melissa McGlensey shares some of the most ridiculous denials that she’s heard. If you thought your story was bad, these stories will either comfort or horrify you — or maybe both. 1. When coverage for her 10-week-old son’s open-heart surgery was denied, Julie Kehm was told it was because he had a pre-existing condition. He’d only been added to her policy 10 weeks prior, the insurance company explained. That was on Nov. 12, 2008, the date of his birth. Reasons for Denial

2. Mary Trask’s son has Down syndrome. She was asked by an insurance company representative if his condition was permanent.

We hope you never have to experience anything similar. If you do, though, we’re here for you. We’ve been dealing with insurance company denials for more than 25 years, and we know how to strike back. Sometimes the situation just requires better communication. We know how to provide the information the insurance company needs to turn a denial into an approval. In other cases, we need to show the insurance company that we won’t back down and won’t be intimidated. Either way, we don’t give up until we get the results our clients deserve. Contact Pezzano Mickey & Bornstein today to learn more.

3. Claims for Adrienne Braddock Conroy’s twins kept getting denied because the insurance company seemed unable to understand that two babies could be born on the same day. “They would process the first claim they’d get, then deny the second as already paid. We would call and say, yet again, we have two claims for two babies born on the same day. ‘Oh, twins! I’ll note it on your file,’ they’d say.’” They never did. 2


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