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Samurai RCUE CLG2 Condenserless, Cooling only

The Samurai range of chillers offer world-renowned reliability – thanks to our own twin screw compressors – and incorporate the latest developments in screw compressor technology for excellent partial load performance. Our Chillers are ideally suited for Industrial and process applications: data centres, shopping centres, airports, hotels, hospitals and offices.

Remote controller

Features and Benefits

Capacities from 120kW to 360kW ESEER of up to 4.32 Control outlet water temperature to +/- 0.5°C independent of cooling load Continuous capacity control provides 15% to 20% energy saving compared to step control STAR DELTA starting system reduces the maximum starting current Excellent partial load performance Low noise and vibration Very small installation space Thanks to meticulous design of each component, it is possible to achieve exceptionally high cooling capacity values per square metre Cyclone oil separator mechanism to maximise heat exchanger efficiency.

CSC 5S Central controller (up to 8 Samurai Chillers)

BMS Interface

Modbus HC-A32MB Can control up to 8 RCME-AH chillers (8 chillers x 8 modules = 64 modules)

CS Net Web Web based controller

World Renowned Reliability with Hitachi’s Twin Screw Compressor With few moving parts, it is highly reliable with very low noise level and low vibration

Touch screen For CS Net Web

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