MetroMinute Sunday October 14, 2018 Edition 105

October 14, 2018 Volume 2 Week 41

Have you heard of the MyLMS course “Mapping for Action? This interactive, hands-on course teaches the MAP Framework. Participants learn not only what each MAP area represents, but also how each area impacts their daily operations and long-term strategy. A lot of time and effort is also placed on sharing best practices and discussing the key opportunities in each MAP area to make improvements. MAP focuses Compass chefs and managers on the key profit drivers of their business and improves operational and financial performance. If interested in signing up, check it out here: Mapping for Action The Northeast Division (NED) houses all of this years safety information in one location (GDDC) – such as: each units dashboard (monthly and rolling), every accident called into GB, current and rolling IFR, dates of your Origami audits, dates of your Safety CommitteeMeetings, Safety Champion names, and claims we are challenging. This is updated daily and it is live for you to see: NED Safety Folder - updated 10.14.18 Having trouble with your Origami App (submitting it)? If so, please email the following person with your location, locationunit number, name and issue:

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