C — May 11 - 24, 2012 — NJAA Conference & Expo — Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal


NJAA C onference & E xpo


SESSION KEY :: Who should attend?

TUE SDAY, MAY 2 2 9:15 am to 10:30 am

O - Owner

PM - Property Manager

L - Leasing Agent OS - Office Staff

M - Maintenance

A - Affordable

Keynote Address - How to Win an Unfair Fight: What the Most Influential People Do Differently [ALL] Garrison Wynn, Wynn Solutions This entertaining (that means funny) research-based keynote reveals how top performers harness the power of their advantages, even when the odds are not in their favor. Business relationship expert and Amazon.com bestselling author Garrison Wynn delivers a high-impact program that answers two monumental questions: How do you get people to do what you want them to do? And how can you get better results from the difficult people you encounter along the way? With an emphasis on what you can actually walk out of the session with and achieve tomorrow; this program shows you how to weather the perfect storm while still looking really good in a raincoat! Never Say No Comment: How to Protect Your Reputation and Shine in the Media Spotlight [O, PM, A] Karen Friedman, Karen Friedman Enterprises Imagine a TV camera, microphone or print reporter recording your every word. You blank out, say the wrong thing or maybe you don’t understand what the media really wants. Whether you’re live at five, quoted in a newspaper or appear on You Tube, how your organization manages and delivers media messages often drives public perception. In this eye opening session, international communications coach and best-selling author Karen Friedman will show you how to confidently turn negatives into positives and maximize results during the toughest of times. Learn how to think like a reporter to anticipate questions and help them help you tell your story, condense complicated information into bite-sized nuggets that are easily quoted and understood, the do’s and don’ts of effective interviews to minimize mistakes and maximize results, and how to control information even when you can’t comment. 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

Online Concerns - Ensuring your website is ADA Compliant [O, PM, A] & Managing Your Online Reputation Paul Jay Cohen & Jenel Marraccini, Cohen & Willwerth and Eric Barbour, G5 Websites of private entities that offer public accommodations (which include apartments) are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and must be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. This course will examine the

standards and guidelines to help you understand what is required to comply with the ADA laws and make sure your site is compliant. Today, ratings and reviews can be shared and distributed to the masses within seconds. Most properties would see this as a liability, but for those who know how to manage the resident experience it’s an opportunity to grow business in a powerful way. In this session you will learn to manage your online reputation and digital experience in a way that ultimately results in increased occupancy and revenue, while converting prospects into leads and leads into residents.

Time Isn’t On Your Side [PM, L, OS, A] Andrew Botieri, Total Peak Performance

Do you know how much time we waste every day? The numbers will amaze you. Putting our lives into perspective, assessing what is and isn’t important is an on-going battle. In this session, learn five “time saving” tips to increase productivity and other proven time management techniques. Through simple goal setting exercises you’ll put a plan of action together to help you prioritize your “out of control” life. It’s all about balance. There is a direct correlation between managing our time and our stress level, learn to identify the causes of stress and reduce that stress at work and at home. If you’re not managing your time, you’re not managing your life!

Hands On Maintenance Tips & Tricks [M] Mark Cukro, Service Team Training

This seminar is for all technicians but technicians with experience will benefit the most. We will go over a few tips and tricks that will save time diagnosing components in appliances and a few HVAC tips that are sure to save time in the field. We will also show you a quick way to diagnose a refrigerator that you are sure to appreciate and put to work immediately. (you won’t even have to turn one screw)

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