C — May 11 - 24, 2012 — NJAA Conference & Expo — Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal


NJAA C onference & E xpo


8:30 am to 9:30 am WEDNE SDAY, MAY 2 3

Recycling and Sustainability [O, PM, M, A] Rob Campbell, Waste Management

This panel will discuss recycling and sustainability as it pertains to the multi-family housing industry. The panel will discuss how to implement a recycling and sustainability program at your property, some of the challenges properties face and how to overcome them.”

Satisfaction Vs. Loyalty [O, PM, A, OS] Michael Mendillo, Wentworth Management This session will discuss the significant difference between satisfaction and loyalty with both clients and internal associate – and what is required to create loyalty within your client-base and workforce.

Maintaining Your Commercial Boiler Throughout The Year [PM, M] Gary Frank, American Boiler Company, Inc.

Proper maintenance of a commercial boiler is a year round process. In this session, you will learn tips to properly maintain your boiler and your entire heating system. There will be an emphasis on identifying warning signs before a serious problem develops that can result in unscheduled system downtime and costly repairs. What Am I Saying? The Power of First Impressions, Body Language, and Dress For Success [PM, L, M, OS] Andrew Botieri, Total Peak Performance To ensure your success in property management you must go beyond just simple communication. The power of communication lies in not so much what you say verbally but what you say in your non-verbal communication. In this session we’ll explore how to create a powerful first impression with your prospects, residents and your own team. You’ll learn how to interpret your prospects body language during a tour and how to get them back on track and learn how you can use your body language to your advantage during the leasing process. We’ll also share the 5 tips to dressing for success. Whether you’re leasing apartments, leading an onsite team or providing customer service to your residents learn the powerful tools of communication to help achieve your property goals.

JAHMA – REAC Inspection Preparation [A, M] David Buchwalter, NAHP-e, Adv. RAM

When the Real Estate Assessment Center comes to your door, will you be prepared for their inspection? Join us for a session which will focus on proven strategies for maximizing your REAC inspection scores. This session assumes a basic knowledge of REAC deficiencies, and will concentrate on how best to approach your project and your staff as you prepare for your inspection. Time will be provided for Q&A.

9:45 am to 10:45 am

Keynote Address :: The Stetson Experience [ALL] Jon Stetson

America’s master mentalist—mind reading has never been this much fun! The Stetson experience is intelligent, interactive and sophisticated fun. Along with hundreds of corporate performances, Jon has performed for three U.S. Presidents, The King of Sweden, The Royal Family of Monaco, and has appeared on countless major television networks. Injecting uproarious comedy into each show, Jon creates a hilarious and unique performance that never fails to blow the audience away. By combining the art of mystery with the science of psychology, the power of intuition, the predictability of human nature and a disarming sense of humor, Jon creates the impression that anything is possible. It’s a show packed with audience participation where thoughts are revealed, minds are read, reality bends and imagination is stretched to the outer limit. He knows what you’re thinking…no, really, he does.

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