C — May 11 - 24, 2012 — NJAA Conference & Expo — Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal


NJAA C onference & E xpo


1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

How To Fund Retrofits [O, PM] Pat Bunn, MaGrann Associates

With many grant programs expiring, multifamily energy efficiency improvement programs will move from grants to program-subsidized financing. Without grants, participants will have to ask, “Is the program worth the investment?” This places added importance on the accuracy of audits’ projected costs and savings. Property owners will have to decide how to address soft costs. Will these costs make loans prohibitively expensive? Will programs cover or discount these costs, or will soft costs need to be covered by energy savings. Will the list of recommended improvements change dramatically when all soft costs are absorbed into the overall cost-effectiveness calculations? How will replacement of aged equipment be factored in, once property owners are absorbing all costs? Because program participants will need to decide “How good a deal is this?” programs will need to ask “What motivates owners to take this loan?” Will programs buy down the cost of financing? Will they cover the soft costs of the project?

Understanding and Dealing With Hoarding [O, PM, L, M] Deborah M. Gershen Gennello, CPM, The Gershen Group and Bruce E. Gudin, Esq . , Ehrlich, Petriello, Gudin & Plaza

Explore the problems caused by hoarding for your operations and your residents. Our experts will provide ideas on policies to catch the issue early, as well as discuss the resources available to you and your residents, they will also explore your legal options and obligations. After the presentation there will be an open forum for questions and answers.

Leasing: Closing is a Process, Not An Event [L, PM] Lisa Trosien, The Apartment Expert

One of the reasons Leasing Professionals fail to close is that they treat ‘the close’ like an event – putting tremendous pressure upon themselves! When Leasing Pros learn to treat the close as an ‘event’, the pressure goes away and the close becomes the obvious outcome to a well-planned leasing presentation. In this session you’ll learn how to: open with the close, set yourself up for success, use psychology and body language to help you close your prospects, and create memory points in your model/leasing office/tour path to create greater impact in your presentation.

JAHMA – How to Appeal Your REAC Inspection [A, M] David Buchwalter, NAHP-e, Adv. RAM Now that you have had your REAC inspection, this session will provide detailed information on what you can appeal, and how to go about doing so.

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