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A healthy, strong, and active lifestyle is what everyone strives for. However, it is not always easy to obtain, especially for those suffering from chronic pain. The very thought of going out and exercising with your aches and pains may leave you feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a simpler solution to gaining the active lifestyle you desire. Physical therapy can help you achieve optimum levels of health and fitness, all while reducing your pain. If you are looking for a healthier, stronger, and more active lifestyle, contact Marketplace Physical Therapy today! Getting on track with physical therapy: The purpose of physical therapy remains the same, no matter what you are seeking its services for. Perhaps you are still suffering from the lingering pain of an injury? Perhaps you are recovering from a surgery and trying to get your range of motion back? Perhaps your joints simply aren’t what they used to be, and you are looking for relief? Whatever the case may be, physical therapists are dedicated to relieving your pain and getting you back to your peak level of physical health. A physical therapist is a movement specialist, educated in analyzing mobility issues with walking, running, jumping, bending, stretching, and almost every other form of physical activity. Our physical therapists can pinpoint problem areas and create a customized treatment plan aimed at improving those areas. Through in-office sessions and at-home exercises, patients strengthen their muscles and joints, improve their balance, build endurance, and experience pain relief, all without the unwanted harmful risks of drugs or surgery.




Physical therapy treatments are catered toward your needs and goals! Physical therapy is generally comprised of three important phases: pain relief, strengthening, and functional integration. Physical therapy is aimed at pain relief and strengthening. This is achieved through several treatment services, such as ice and heat therapies, stretching, bracing, and ultrasound. An active lifestyle is also dependent upon movement. Our physical therapists will cater your treatment plan around specific movements designed to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and overall mobility. Your physical therapist will assist you with many of these exercises, but will also provide some simple ones that can be done at home. The end goal of physical therapy is living the life you want, free from painful limitations. That can only happen when you apply the concepts you learn from your treatments to the outside world. Our physical therapists are as dedicated as you are, and will encourage you to achieve all the goals you set forth in the beginning. Aspire toward a happier and healthier life today: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes work, but once you get into the groove of it, it becomes much easier. For example, eating nutritious foods is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Physical activity is the hardest aspect to get in the habit of doing, especially if you are being held back by chronic pain. Some people try to mask their symptoms with anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications, while others unfortunately give up on the idea of being active altogether. Luckily, there is an alternative option: physical therapy. Everyone has different needs based on the conditions of their bodies. There is no cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness, as one treatment plan may not work the same for one person as it would for another. Your physical therapist will work closely with you to evaluate your mobility, balance, range of motion, and severity of pain. Your physical goals will also be taken into account when creating your treatment plan, as well as any health risks that may be holding you back. At your initial evaluation, you may be asked to perform basic movements, such as sitting down, standing up, walking, lifting, stretching, or other motions. Once your physical therapist has a clear picture of what you need, he or she will begin constructing a treatment plan to help relieve your pain and achieve your goals.

• Meet with a coach physically 2x per month • Coaches available anytime during business hours • Custom workout based on Dr. Recommendation • Continued Nutritional Guidance/Meal Planning

• 24/7 Access to Gym • Multiple Locations

Visit our site at www.marketplacewellnesscenter. com for more information.

In the end, an active lifestyle is more than possible, even if you struggle with chronic pain. If you are looking to improve your health, strength, and physical activity, look no further – Marketplace Physical Therapy is here to help. Schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists today and get started on your journey toward better health and wellness! Sources: Us/Policies/Practice/PTRoleAdvocacy.pdf

What is the Wellness Program? Discover how to improve your health with a new approach!

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LEARN HOW TO: • Exercise to decrease pain • Eat healthy food that actually tastes good • Decrease stress • Manage a healthy lifestyle • AND MORE!

Our Wellness Coach will guide you through each carefully crafted phase to improve your overall health and wellness. Call 951.406.0347 to reach your Wellness Coach Directly and for pricing!

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Our Physical Therapy Patients can take advantage of this program free of charge for the first 6 visits as long as there is an underlying orthopedic condition. Out of Pocket Members If you are not a Physical Therapy Patient you still have the opportunity to take advantage of our Wellness Program.

$30 Per Visit or $140 Per Month Includes

• Meet with a coach physically 1x per week • Coach available anytime during business hours • Custom workout based on Dr. Recommendation

• Continued Nutritional Guidance/ Meal Planning

• 24/7 Access to Gym • Multiple Locations

We’ll then take you through our program that is specifically designed for each individual!

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